Call out for global emergency actions at U.S. Embassies if Assange is evicted

#BeReady4JA! This website has put the call out for an Emergency mobilisations to occur globally outside  U.S. Embassies and Consulates (USA actions will be at US Political Buildings/Offices.), at 6 PM the day following any possible future eviction or other serious action against Assange.

This initial mobilisation would then be followed by the largest possible mass rally at 12pm on the first following Sunday (after any move on JA) also outside the U.S. Embassies, Consulates or Political Building/Offices.

If there are no US Embassies or Consulates in your city you can choose another appropriate venue such as  the American (US) Chamber of Commerce or some other US government or quasi-official US organisation offices. We have chosen U.S. political venues for protest because ultimately it is the U.S. Empire that is pursuing Julian Assange for his exposure of their war crimes, surveillance, political corruption and machinations.

Countries that are involved so far are Australia (Melbourne), New Zealand (Wellington), United States (Los Angeles) and France (Paris).

Contact Class-conscious via our About section or send us an email direct at for more information or help organizing your local action including with publicity. All actions will be advertised on this website. See our “Step by Step Guide” for organising your own action at the bottom of this article

If you want to find other people to organise with in your city or country, put a call out on the Free Julian Assange Events Facebook Page, where you can also promote your action to others.

It is imperative that like the recent June 19th solidarity vigils that these emergency actions are coordinated and occur on an international scale. We encourage all global actions to follow the aforementioned Emergency Action schedule to ensure this happens.

We will utilise the people and energy at the initial Emergency Mobilisation the day following (any move on JA) to build and plan for the biggest, possible mass rally outside Global US Embassies/Offices the following Sunday (from any move on JA).

An idea which would be nice if it caught on is for people attending Global Emergency Actions around the world to bring whistles! As in Julian Assange is the ultimate whistle-blower and we are blowing the whistle on the US Empire! Noisy and lively protests are good protests!

We are also more than happy to customise the ‘Global Action at US Embassies’ online Poster for the protest you are organising in your own locality in the world. We will just adapt the location details to cover the address of your local US Embassy/Consulate (or if in the USA: Political Building/Office). The times and days will be the same for all global locations.

As Julian Assange’s total isolation by the Ecuadorian Government now exceeds three months, it is clear that the danger to Assange continues to grow. Recent weeks have seen numerous reports of the high level negotiations occurring between the British, U.S. and Ecuadorian Government aimed at ending Assange’s asylum and getting him into U.S. custody.Whilst we all hope that Julian is able to come home to Australia or another country soon, free from the risk of extradition to the U.S. for espionage charges, given the high level conspiracy he faces from several governments, it would be remiss to not prepare for all eventualities.

The growing international solidarity movement for Assange must be ready to act if the worst happens and Assange is forced out of the Embassy into police custody.If Julian Assange is evicted and taken into custody, only a massive mobilisation of the international working class will generate the political force to prevent him disappearing into an American prison for life or worse. The fight for Julian’s freedom is inseparable from the fight to defend democratic rights, against censorship and against imperialist war.


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 Contact Details :


 Contact details:


 Contact details :


 Contact Details :


1) Decide to take a stand for Julian Assange!

2) Contact to register your protest at a U.S. Embassy/Consulate (In the U.S. – Political Office/Building)

3) Get a poster from or make your own!

4) Publicise your event at the Free Julian Assange Events Facebook page and reach out to other people in your city who might help you organise it and attend. Remember though, lots of small protests internationally, even if some of them only have a few people in attendance, will help build a powerful movement.

5) Publicise your event on Twitter or other social media #BeReady4JA #Revolution4Assange #WorkersOftheWorldUnite #FreeAssange #JulianAssange #JournalismIsNotAcrime or other related hashtags

6) Start making your posters, leaflets, stickers, stencils, banners, props, etc ready to go!

7) Either prepare a Media Alert yourself for mainstream/alternative, online/offline media or let us help you prepare one with the aid of a Media Release template we will supply.

8) Make sure you get or swap contact details with anyone who attends the first emergency action the following day after any possible eviction of Julian, so you can work together to build an even bigger second action at the Embassy/Consulate/Offices the following Sunday (after any possible eviction of Julian).

9) Put the photos of your event up on the Free Julian Assange Events Facebook Page, Twitter and other social media

10) Stay involved and fighting for Julian until we win his freedom and safety!

Free Julian Assange! Journalism is not a Crime!
#Revolution4Assange #Workersoftheworldunite



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  1. If Justin had any guts he’d welcome Julian to Canada.
    He could sleep on my couch!
    And why the hell isn’t Australia hoping mad that one of their own is being treated this shamefully!

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  2. Hello,calling the Australian Government.Is anyone home?
    No problem coming to the aid of drug traffickers in Bali but heaven forbid assisting a journalist being persecuted by our Five Eyes “allies”!


  3. HI, happy to see Paris on the list. Do we have a contact for that ? IS it a TYPO on the Paris poster ? – reads to meet “le jour meme a 18h” which translates as the SAME DAY, not the day following… ??


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