Endorsements from journalists for Emergency Actions at U.S. Embassies if Assange is evicted

CLASS CONSCIOUSNESS POSTER GENERICAs alarm and outrage grows about the seemingly imminent eviction of Julian Assange from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London and arrest by U.K. authorities, siginficant voices are endorsing the call out for coordinated international protests at U.S. Embassies, US Consulates and US Political Offices. The website classconscious.org has called for protests at these venues at 6PM the following day after an eviction and for mass rallies at the same venues the following Sunday at 12pm.

For more info on getting involved or even organising your own Global Emergency Action 4 JA!: https://classconscious.org/2018/07/20/call-out-for-international-emergency-actions-if-assange-is-forced-from-embassy/

John Pilger

 Internationally acclaimed investigative journalist, documentarian and two-time winner of Britain’s Journalist of the Year award. John Pilger has been at the forefront of the campaigning to defend Julian, Wikileaks and Press Freedom.

“I happily give the global campaign to free Julian my endorsement.
The pursuit of Julian Assange is a crime against all who regard justice and the freedom to know as human rights. WikiLeaks is the most exciting development in journalism in my lifetime. It shames the old order. It doesn’t fabricate or distort or judge or serve as gatekeeper. It does what real journalism ought to do; it sets the record straight and exposes the liars and charlatans who seek control over our lives. For this, Julian has been marked for especially vindictive punishment. Don’t let that happen. Stand with him until he is free.”

Caitlin Johnston

Caitlin is a leftwing, anti-war Australian independant journalist who has developed a wide following online for her writing on U.S. politics. Caitlin has published extensively in defence of Julian Assange and Wikileaks, promoted protests in his defence and participated in the Unity4J online vigils.

“Julian Assange is arguably the most important voice in the world bringing transparency to the world’s disastrously unaccountable power structures, but defending him is vastly more important than the life of one man: protecting Assange is protecting our very right to speak truth and hold power accountable. Failing to collectively rise up and defend an assault on Assange would be deciding to willfully enter into whatever Orwellian dystopia ends up being most profitable and convenient for western plutocrats and the secretive government agencies with which they are allied and waiting for humanity to meet its end via climate chaos or nuclear holocaust. The fight for Julian Assange’s freedom is the fight for our right to bring power to the people where it belongs. The fight for Julian Assange is the fight for humanity itself. This, right here, is where we decide our future.”


Helen Razer

Helen Razer is a Melbourne based free-lance journalist and author.  She has appeared extensively on ABC radio since the 1990’s and written for a variety of newspapers and magazines. She has published numerous books, her latest in 2014 is entitled “Total Propaganda: Basic Marxist Brainwashing for the Angry and the Young. Helen is one of the few prominent Australian journalists to continue to speak out in defence of Assange and is an active supporter of the campaign. She published a recent article entitled “Julian Assange is a journalist, not Putin’s bitch“. 

“Assange is a journalist. @Wikileaks is no more “biased” than any outlet & has never published falsehood or opinion. Assange is not a criminal. He was never charged with assault. Journalism is not a crime. Support Assange if you believe this to be true.”


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