The Class-Conscious website exists to promote the unity of the international working class in the struggle for socialist revolution.

The Perspective of the Class-Conscious website

Trotsky wrote in 1938 in the “Death Agonies of Capitalism and Tasks of the Fourth International, “The bourgeoisie itself sees no way out. In countries where it has already been forced to stake its last upon the card of fascism, it now toboggans with closed eyes toward an economic and military catastrophe.”

trump soldiersLikewise today the bourgeoisie has no progressive answers to the social, political, economic and ecological crises facing humanity. Their only response is war, austerity and dictatorship.

In contrast, it is the international working class that is the only social force that can avoid disaster by consciously intervening to overthrow capitalism and replace it with a global socialist system.

labor protest france3
French Anti-labor law protester

This is based on the historical Materialism developed by of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Trotsky (scientific socialism) which uncovers the laws of  human development through the study of the underlying economic processes and social relations.

It is the international working class that shares the common social interests in needing access to good quality healthcare, education, infrastructure, housing, democratic rights, freedom of movement and a healthy environment. Currently the vast productive forces of humanity are not dedicated to these aims but are organised to generate private profit for the benefit of the few. In 2017, Oxfam found that just eight individuals possess as much wealth as the bottom half of humanity. Unless this vast wealth is brought under the control of the working class, its basic interests can never be attained.

factory foxcon
Foxconn factory in China

Production is already socialised and organised globally. However currently it is done so in the interests of a handful of transnational corporations and banks that dominate global trade. The solution is not in the reactionary nationalism and protectionism of the far right but for the working class to bring the global supply chain under its democratic control to produce for the benefit of all. All forms of the poison of nationalism which divide the international working class must be absolutely rejected. There are no national programs or solutions that can progressively resolve any of the problems facing humanity.

Trotsky explained in his Theory of Permanent Revolution:
“The completion of the socialist revolution within national limits is unthinkable. One of the basic reasons for the crisis in bourgeois society is the fact that the productive forces

tahir square
Tahrir Square 2012

created by it can no longer be reconciled with the framework of the national state. From this follows, on the one hand, imperialist wars, on the other, the utopia of a bourgeois United States of Europe. The socialist revolution begins on the national arena, it unfolds on the international arena, and is completed on the world arena. Thus, the socialist revolution becomes a permanent revolution in a newer and broader sense of the word: it attains completion only in the final victory of the new society on our entire planet.”

May Day protesters United States 2017

The working class also must overthrow capitalism if World War Three is to be avoided. It is not the policies of one or another bourgeois politicians such as Trump, Putin or Merkel that is plunging the world ever closer to a nuclear catastrophe but the contradictions of capitalism. In particular the contradiction between a globalised system of production and the nation state system upon which capitalism is rooted. As long as the world is divided into competing nation states there will be unending competition and warfare between the imperialist capitalist powers for resources and spheres of control. The first two world wars were efforts by the imperialist powers to carve up the globe and to achieve dominance. A third world war if it is allowed to happen will inevitably be nuclear and threatens the very survival of humanity.

We endorse the principles outlined in the ICFI’s statement  on “Socialism and the Fight Against War” :

• The new antiwar movement must be anti-capitalist and socialist, since there can be no serious struggle against war except in the fight to end the dictatorship of finance capital and put an end to the economic system that is the fundamental cause of militarism and war.
• The new antiwar movement must therefore, of necessity, be completely and unequivocally independent of, and hostile to, all political parties and organizations of the capitalist class.

 • The new antiwar movement must, above all, be international, mobilizing the vast power of the working class in a unified global struggle against imperialism.

The writers of this blog are also proud to call themselves Trotskyist’s because of the crucial role that Leon Trotsky played not just in the Russian Revolution but in articulating and fighting for an opposition to the development of Stalinism and the deformed workers state in the former Soviet Union. This was a battle that cost Trotsky and hundreds of thousands of others their lives but Trotsky’s insights into why the Soviet Union degenerated and is role in founding the Fourth International in 1938 protected the intellectual capital of socialism as a movement and allowed it to continue despite the best efforts of both the Stalinists and the capitalists to wipe out the socialist movement.

In addition to the threat of war, humanity also faces a dire threat from rapid climate change and other disruptions to the worlds ecosystems that will disrupt food supplies and diminish peoples quality of life. The world is facing mass extinctions and ecological collapse. Reforms of capitalism cannot avert this future. Only through the overturning of the profit system itself can the technologies and production processes be achieved that can improve the quality of human life and protect the earth’s resources.

The working class must break free from all the bankrupt social democratic parties and the trade union bureaucracies that work to prevent the development of an independent movement of the working class. This includes the various pseudo-left tendencies that exist globally such as the International Socialist Organisation, Socialist Alliance, Syrizia, Podemos and the Socialist Party. These forces which base themselves on the material interests of the petty bourgeois upper middle classes  disorient the working class through the use of left wing phraseology  and work unceasingly to keep workers contained within bourgeois parliamentary democracy.

This blog has no relationship with the World Socialist Website (wsws.org) or the ICFI, its publishers. However it is from this organisation that we gained our education in Marxism and Trotskyism.

Although we have developed principled differences with the ICFI over a number of issues we encourage people to read the wsws.org for daily coverage of international politics, workers’ struggles, culture, history, philosophy and revolutionary strategy.

Leon Trotsky, leading Russian revolutionary and Marxist thinker. Founder of the Fourth International in 1938
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