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The current period of capitalist crisis requires workers to form new organisations and  to develop a new leadership. This process must be based on a careful analysis of past workers struggles; in the early part of 20th century as part of the revolutionary upheavals that culminated in 1917 Russian Revolution, Marxist argued through the daily questions constantly through many different publications and even within the pages of Pravda itself debates occurred. Such a culture must be developed again and we hope can play a small part.

In this spirit wishes to reach out to the best layers orientated to the working class and invite them to submit articles. Whilst we will not promote articles that seek to obscure the truth from the working class through falsification and appeals to reformism we would be happy to foster debate by publishing articles that may not fully align with the position of our editorial collective. Submissions are welcome from those who are orientated to the working class who call themselves socialist or anarchist


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