Translation of news article on Taiwan protest against the persecution of Julian Assange.

The following article is a translation of a report that appeared in the Taiwanese newspaper Liberty Times. The original article can be viewed here.

A second article published in another English language newspaper, Taiwan News, can be viewed here.

聲援維基解密創辦人 人權工作者赴AIT抗議美國迫害

Supporting the founders of WikiLeaks Human rights workers go to AIT to protest against American persecution

(記者呂伊萱/台北報導〕維基解密網站(Wikileaks)創辦人阿山吉(Julian Assange)11日在英國被捕,可能引渡美國,恐面臨終身監禁審判。在台人權工作者艾琳達今天到美國在台協會(AIT)前舉布條抗議,呼應「全球聲援維基解密阿山吉同步行動」,捍衛言論、出版與新聞自由。

[Reporter Lu Yizhen/Taipei reported] WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was arrested in the UK on the 11th and may be extradited to the United States, facing life imprisonment. Linda, a Taiwanese human rights worker, today went to the United States Association of Taiwan (AIT) to protest and echo the “global synchronised actions to free Julian Assange” to defend freedom of speech, publication and press.



Since WikiLeaks disclosed more than 700,000 US classified documents, films and diplomatic messages, Assange has since become a thorn in side of the United States.

On the 11th, after the Ecuadorian government withdrew its protection for Assange, the British police entered Ecuador’s London embassy at the invitation of the Ecuadorian ambassador, where Assange has lived for nearly seven years and arrested him, according the to the US government charges against him for conspiring to enter the government’s computer. They arrested Assange, who has white hair, and dragged him out of the embassy to a police car. Assange will attend a trial on May 2 in accordance with the US extradition request.


The human rights worker Linda in Taiwan and the Canadian-born Curtis, (he became a naturalised Taiwanese citizen this year), who has long been concerned about the preservation of cultural assets, went to the AIT Xinyi Road office at noon today to put up a banner in support of Assange to protest against the US persecution of Wikileaks.


Linda said in an interview that this is an echo from Taipei, in response to the planned “global synchronised action to free Julian Assange” next week, the Taiwan Association for Human Rights and Amnesty International will also release a statement.

艾琳達說,維基解密大量揭露美軍內部報告,牽涉在戰爭中濫殺平民、戰地記者等證據,例如著名的《附帶謀殺》(Collateral Murder)影片,指出「美軍謀殺伊拉克平民及兩名路透社記者」;另揭露許多外交文件,因為讓民主黨難看,使得理應支持言論自由的民主黨也噤聲。

Linda said that WikiLeaks extensively exposed the internal reports of the US military, involving evidence of indiscriminate killing of civilians and war correspondents in the war, such as the famous “Collateral Murder” film, stating that “the US military murdered Iraqi civilians and two Reuters reporters. Wikileaks also exposed many diplomatic documents, making the Democratic Party was look bad, and the Democratic Party, which should support freedom of speech, has kept quiet.


Linda stressed that the United States has smothered Assange because of his leaks of their secret classified documents, and has pressured Sweden and the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom now also cooperates with the United States to arrest Julian Assange. This is a violation of human rights. She appealed to the Taiwanese people to “at least have an opinion”, because this is an international human rights standard. Linda does not hold expectations on the Taiwanese government. She believes that the current Taiwanese government is under the pressure from the United States, and even a discussion of the country’s future is avoided, and it will not criticized America for this matter. Taiwan “I look down.”


Owen Hsieh is an independent Marxist living between Western Australia and Taiwan. An avid bibliophile and book collector with a special interest in Eastern European literature and history, currently focused on the Russian Revolution and Stalinism.

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