Emergency protests at U.S. Embassies held in 7 countries after Assange’s arrest

On April 14th 2019, three days after the arrest of Julian Assange in London, emergency protests were held at U.S. Embassies, U.K. Embassies and poiltical offices in the U.S. in Melbourne, Sydney, Wellington, Toronto, Dublin, Warsaw, Cancun and Taipei. The protests were held in response to a call out on this website.

The next scheduled international protest are or for World Press Freedom Day May 3rd, at U.S. and U.K. Embassies to highlight the threat the persecution of Assange and his source Manning poses to press freedom globally. Read details at the World Press Freedom Day 2019 Website.

Dublin U.S. Embassy
Dublin U.S. Embassy
Melbourne, U.S. Consulate
Taipei A.I.T. Builiding
Sydney, U.S. Consulate
Toronto, U.S. Embassy
Toronto U.S. Embassy
U.S. Embassy Wellington
U.K. Embassy Wellington
Warsaw U.S. Embassy
Warsaw, U.S. Embassy
Warsaw, U.S. Embassy
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