No to AUKUS! Junk the EDCA! Speech outside US Consulate Melbourne April 17th 2023

Around twenty people gathered outside the US Consulate in Melbourne on April 17th to protest against US imperialism and the Australia’s participation in the US Imperialist war machine. The main slogans of the rally were “No to AUKUS! Junk the EDCA!”. The EDCA is agreement that is allowing the US to reoccupy the Phillipines with new military bases. Both AUKUS and the EDCA are part of US imperialism’s drive to war against China.

This was the first of monthly vigils initiated by anti-war Anti-War Victoriaand BAYAN Australia. We hope that the monthly vigils will provide a space for all groups fighting US and Australian Imperialism to join and demonstrate the links between our fights.

The speech below was delivered by Davey Heller of who was also one of the organisers of the vigil as part of Anti-War Victoria

Dear comrades,

We stand here outside the headquarters of US imperialism in Melbourne. This is not just an office where people get their visa’s stamped. It is no secret that US Consulates and Embassies serve as spy hubs around the world. It has been confirmed by Wikileaks how it is common for Australian politicians to meet with or report back to US Diplomats at US Consulates and Embassies in Australia.

This location is the key to understanding Australian politics. This is because the Australian ruling class has been a willing participant in the post-World Two “rule based order”. An order whereby the US and its imperialist allies including Australia have used violence and economic power to allow them to make super profits whilst the majority of humanity is exploited. From Malaysia and Korea to the killing fields of Vietnam, Australia has sent its troops to every major war waged by the US to stop the spread of communism or indeed any steps towards economic independence by developing countries.

Whilst having its own imperialists interests, it is also true that like other imperialist powers, the ruling class of Australia is subordinated to the interests of the US who actively intervene in our politics to ensure that our ruling class toes their line.

This is why both the Liberal and Labor Parties are totally lined up behind the war drive against China. This is why whilst it was Morrison who signed AUKUS, Albanese signed off on the $368 blllion submarine deal.

This is why both Labor and Liberal line up behind the US and NATO in their war drive against Russia and support the sending of over $500 million dollars of weapons, aid and training in the NATO proxy war in Ukraine.

The war drive against both Russia and China are not separate but are part of the same reckless determination of US imperialism and its allies to maintain their global hegemony. They are prepared to risk and even wage nuclear war to protect their imperialist profits.

This dynamic is also why both major parties refuse to lift a finger to free the imprisoned hero Julian Assange.

However, the recognition that our fight to stop war is really a fight against western imperialism points to the solution. The struggle against US imperialism is international! The struggle against AUKUS must be linked to other anti-imperialist struggles. Our allies against AUKUS are the many millions fighting in many countries against western imperialism.

The fight against US imperialism and the Australian ruling class which is it’s junior imperialist partner in the region, is linked to the national liberation movements and anti-imperialist struggles in Cuba, Iran, DPRK, Venezuela, Philippines, Yemen, Palestine and other countries opposing US control, sanctions, wars and military bases.

There may be some in the capitalist ruling class who are worried by the economic implications of a war with China as represented by the faction that Paul Keating speaks for. Whilst we welcome these splits in the ruling class, it is to the international working class in their struggle against US Imperialism we must turn too as our real and dependable allies against imperialist war.

Unionists on May 6th are marching in Port Kembla for their May Day March to oppose AUKUS and the turning of the port into a Nuclear Submarine base for the US. A solidarity action is being held on the same day in San Francisco at the US consulate. This is the kind of concrete international workers links that are already being made.

We hope that the monthly anti-imperialist actions will provide a space for all groups fighting US and Australian Imperialism to join and demonstrate the links between our struggles. We hope many more groups and anti-imperialist campaigns join us.

Today as well as demanding no war on China and Russia! We are demanding jointly No to AUKUS and Junk the EDCA! This is the plan to expand US military bases in the Philippines. The struggle against US war, bases and sanctions must be united!

So we say no US bases in Australia, the Phillipines or anywhere! We say no to US sanctions against Cuba, Iran, Venezuala, Russia, China or anywhere! We say no to US backed wars against Russia, China, Yemen, Palestine or anywhere!

No to all offensive US military alliances – No to AUKUS! No to NATO! No to the Quad!

For a world without war and imperialism!

Once again! No to AUKUS! Junk the EDCA!

Davey Heller

Davey Heller is a Trotskyist from Melbourne and long-time campaigner for Left-wing causes including anti-war, refugee rights, environmental protests and workers' struggles. He is a former secondary teacher who studied history at Monash University and currently works in the environmental field. You can follow him on Twitter at @socialist_davey

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