This is the most dangerous crisis in human history! A warning from a lifelong Communist

by Mike Gimbel, 19th July 2022

This is a presentation by life long Communist, Mike Gimbel, who lives in the USA. Below is the transcript and embedded video

Comrades: I believe I am not ‘crying wolf’ in this video! Things are getting real scary!


Comrades: My name is Mike Gimbel. I am 78 years old. I have been in the struggle for Communism, for all my life. I have been in numerous struggles against the capitalist ruling class.

I am here to tell you that, in my entire life, this is the moment that is the most dangerous moment in human history, during my entire lifetime. The entire world is facing the greatest threat to its very existence! This dangerous moment in human history, is an even greater threat than the 1962 Cuban Missile crisis.

I remember, in 1962, when the deadline, set by Washington, approached. I was in college, in New York City, and all the students left the classrooms, as the critical hour of doom approached, feeling powerless in the face of what seemed inevitable. We thought it was the end.

At that hour, I wandered into a huge college bathroom, alongside numerous others, many just standing around smoking, while others sat on a ledge, in front of an opaque window, all of us just waiting for our inevitable death.

What crisis could be worse than that? This one!

Yes, in my opinion, the current crisis, for the entire world, is even more dangerous than the 1962 Cuban missile crisis! Why is that?

In 1962, the US ruling class was still full of confidence, despite badly lagging behind the Soviet Union, in the so-called ‘space race’.In 1962, US imperialism was at its height of power.

US imperialism, having a manufacturing base that was almost as huge as the manufacturing base of all the countries of the planet, COMBINED, felt itself virtually immune from challenge, despite having been fought to a stalemate in the Korean War.

Ever since the end of WWII, the US Dollar reigned supreme, as equal to gold. In 1962, US imperialism was at the height of its dictating to the countries of the world, outside the socialist bloc, its program of economic and military dominance. In 1962, the US imperialist economic base, alongside a powerful military, was at its height of power and confidence.

What is the difference between 1962, and today, 60 years later, that makes this moment so much more dangerous?

In one of my previous Facebook posts, in a more hopeful Facebook post, I gave the example of how British imperialism, in 1928, signed the Kellogg-Briand pact, avoiding a war with US imperialism, by agreeing to submit to US imperialist dominance.

Today, I have shelved that hopeful thought, that US imperialism will choose that sane 1928 choice, this time in regards to China, as the British did to US imperialism in 1928. I have come to the realization that the current crisis is not analogous to 1928.

In 1928, the British were in no position to go to war with US imperialism. US imperialism had become the dominant capitalist power on the planet, a full half-century prior to 1928. The US had already defeated the UK in two wars, in 1776 and 1812, and the UK, as well, was politically aligned with the losing side in the US Civil War.

During WWI, the UK and France had to come, hand in hat, to beg for war loans, at usurious interest rates, from US imperialism. The arrogant US imperialists did not even bother to consider themselves ‘allies’ of the UK and France, when it entered the WWI! It entered the war independently, supposedly to end all wars! It was, after all, the ‘war to end all wars!’

That is the reason that US imperialism demanded that the UK and France pay back the WWI loans! Countries were traditionally expected to forgive loans from their allies, at the end of a war, but the US imperialists were so arrogant to the UK and France, forcing them to hock their country’s assets, in order to pay back the war loans, simply because US imperialism used the rationalization that the US was not an OFFICIAL ally of the UK and France, during the WWi!

France even invaded and seized Germany’s economic base, in the Ruhr, in 1923, in a failed attempt to find a way to pay back those WWI war loans from US imperialism.

The US, today, is not 1928 Britain. Unlike the British in 1928, there is not a half-century of prior economic dominance by China over the US and China has not used WWI loans, to put the US ‘on rations’,  as US imperialism had put the UK and all of Europe ‘on rations’, after WWI, and China is not dictating the economic policies of US imperialism as US imperialism dictated to ‘Old Europe’, after WWI.

US imperialism, prior to February, 24, 2022 was still confident in its economic and military dominance of the planet!

Today, in the few months since February 24th, 2022, we are confronted with a very, very different and shocked US imperialist ruling class, living in a world it no longer recognizes! That capitalist vampire ruling class, living off the blood of its colonial subjects, for so many decades, finds itself, suddenly and shockingly, living in a world where it is quickly becoming a pariah, as even its most subservient states are beginning to abandon it, with those countries quickly shifting towards the newly rising economic and military power of the alliance led by China and Russia!

US imperialism, up until February 24th, of this year, 2022, felt itself the undisputed power on the planet.

US imperialism was able to print $30 Trillion Dollars of worthless I.O.U’s, because US imperialism’s leaders assumed that no country would dare challenge the dominance of the US Dollar. The US rulers believed that the central banks of countries around the world would continue to be submissive, and accept and hold these worthless pieces of paper, as assets in those banks, out of fear of the US threats if they did not do so!

On February 24th, 2022, Russia intervened in the 8-year long civil war in the Ukraine, with its Special Military Operation, to defend the two Donbas People’s republics and to de-Nazify the Ukraine, a country being used by US imperialism and NATO, to threaten Russia.

Ukraine is the largest country in Europe, after Russia. The US/NATO military, over the 8 years, from the sponsored coup, in 2014, to 2022, had built up a mighty Ukrainian military, under US/NATO leadership and funding.

At the outbreak of the Russian intervention, US imperialism and its vassal states, imposed economic the most stringent sanctions, intended to completely remove Russia from the capitalist market, intending to crash the Russian economy.

On February 24th, US-led imperialism was at its most arrogant and confident position! US-led imperialism, via the sanctions, had cut off Russia from the world market, with the intention of overthrowing the Russian government and placing Russia as a defeated and humiliated country.

Today, is July 17th, 2022. Less than 5 months have passed, since February 24th. With each passing day, a shocking realization of just how wrong all the US imperialist plans have gone, are beginning to penetrate the brains of the leaders of US-led imperialism and all its vassal imperialists.

These imperialist vampires are not so slowly beginning to realize that everything that they did on February 24th, has boomeranged on themselves and that it is their own entire imperialist empire is threatened with imploding, not target Russia, nor ultimate target, China!

Russia is handily winning the military conflict in the Ukraine and is also winning the economic war with US-led imperialism, as well. Europe, Japan, the USA and all the smaller imperialist countries are facing a huge economic and military crisis.

US-led imperialism is slowly coming to realize that not only are both the military and the economic wars are lost, but that they would badly lose a ground war just with Russia, let alone China. US imperialism’s industrial base has been largely ‘off-shored’ and a good portion of that industrial based is now in China!

As I stated, in a prior Facebook post, the only area where US-led imperialism continues to be dominant, is in its naval armada.

While it is true, as I stated in that Facebook post, that this naval armada was ‘last year’s weapon’, because those naval vessels would be very vulnerable to today’s missiles, I forgot about the huge US advantage in submarine warfare. Submarines are the weapon of choice for the domination of all trade routes and, therefore, for the economic strangulation of any target country. This submarine advantage, of US-led imperialism, is very dangerous. Submarines can choke of key trading routes, such as that in the narrow ocean straights, south of the South China Sea.

The primary focus of US-led imperialism is not Russia, but China. The US/NATO proxy war in the Ukraine was intended to weaken and isolate China, by removing China’s ally Russia, from the military and economic world imperialist ‘chessboard’.

That, obviously, has become a failed gambit, on the part of US-led imperialism, after February, 24th. Instead, Russia’s victory is isolating US-led imperialism, both militarily and economically!

What is it about the leadership of the US Navy, that makes it so dangerous?

Traditionally, Imperialist naval officers, among the various military services, are the most politically aristocratic and reactionary and aggressive military officers. These Naval Commanders are all ‘Captain Queeg’ ruling over what amounts to a ‘factory shop’ of industrial workers, in naval uniform, often thousands in number on a single vessel, maintaining and running those massive naval vessels! It is why, during both the 1905 and the 1917 Russian Revolutions, it was those highly-skilled worker sailors, working under an absolute dictatorship on each vessel, who were the most militant and revolutionary soldiers.

Naval power is the traditional imperialist weapon. “Gunboat Diplomacy” has been, historically, the leading edge of imperialist conquest. As such, commanders of naval armadas are the most aggressive and warlike military leaders, serving any ruling class.

As crazy as are the ‘neo-cons’ around President Biden may seem to be, they are likely to be far saner than the commanders of the US Pacific Fleet. The commanders of the US Pacific Fleet are feverishly TODAY trying to provoke China into sinking one or more of their ships, so as to create a new ‘Pearl Harbor’ type incident, in order to justify an all-out war with China.

These war crazy naval commanders are sending their ships and airplanes almost right up to every Red Line set by China, in its protected waters and coastlines.

Who is going to restrain them in Washington?

Will the crazed Neo-cons surrounding President Biden, restrain them? NOT VERY LIKELY!

Is there an alternative coming from the Republicans? Nope! There is no political alternative to the Democratic Party neo-con INSANE warmakers, for us to appeal to, simply because the Republican Party leadership is even nuttier and more war crazy than even those around President Biden!

All you need to verify my statement, that the Republican Party is even crazier than the Democratic Party leadership, is to read Donald Trumps’ former Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo’s recent blood-curdling and crazy pro-war speech! Folks: Don’t take my word for it! Go look up and read Mike Pompeo’s speech! Also: do we not remember Donald Trump’s repeated threats, while he was president, against China, as he tried to shift US military efforts away from Russia and towards China.

The US imperialist ruling class, unlike its vassals, only experience of industrial warfare, on its own land, is 160 years ago, during the bloody US Civil War. The US ruling class, due to its historic power and arrogance, only knows how to ‘double-down’ on its mistakes. Unlike the British, in 1928, it has no experience to lead it to understanding the realities of its new weakened position. It has been a shock to its system, that only occurred over the last few months. It has not had time to digest the new world conditions nor enough time to select new and saner leaders, nor is it psychologically inclined TODAY to select any saner political leaders, or saner military leaders.

As a Marxist, we know that the political leadership of any country, is a reflection of the thinking of their masters: the capitalist ruling classes. The politicians are their paid mouthpieces. These political leaders go through a long sifting process, under the financial control of big business. A capitalist government is the BEST GOVERNMENT MONEY CAN BUY!

Peter Seller’s crazed “Dr Strangelove” from the 1964 film of the same title, explaining how the US could “win a nuclear war”

The fact that BOTH US political parties are being led by INSANE warmongers, must mean that the US ruling class is determined to win a world war against China. These insane political leaders are a mirror of the INSANITY that has taken over the minds of the US ruling classes.

Just look at what the ruling class is doing:

This reactionary ruling class has begun putting religious fundamentalists in positions of power, such as Amy Coney Barrett, on the US Supreme Court, as well as putting these religious fundamentalists, in both the Senate and the House of Representatives, while instituting laws intended to eliminate all progressive legislation, enacted over the last century, and even eliminating the separation of church and state that was written into the US Constitution, almost 2 and a half centuries ago! One Senator, Cornyn, from Texas, has even proposed to re-institute the racist US segregation laws, when he stated that he wanted to see ‘Brown vs, the Board of Education’ reversed!

So what do we do in this situation?

With both US political parties seemingly ‘hell-bent’ on world war, it would be traitorous to the workers and the oppressed, both inside the US and worldwide, to get caught up in the coming US elections.

At this moment of world-wide danger of a catastrophe of cataclysmic nature, we must sound a clarion-call for a mighty mass struggle against this threat to the survival of humanity! The Third World War has already begun!

There is no turning back in time, comrades. US-led imperialism is determined to rescue its failing system by winning a world war! It did not matter whether the date of the start of that world war was February 24th or some other date in the very near future. US-led imperialism is a dying imperialism, and it is determined to not go down peacefully! This world war, was and is, inevitable and unavoidable, as a result.

COMRADES: your time of action has arrived! The defeat of US-led imperialism is the only way to save humanity!

Every COMMUNIST on this planet, must take this warning as their commitment to WAKE UP OUR CLASS to this danger and work to create a mass movement of OUTRAGE against the INSANE WARMAKING PLANS of US-led imperialism!

The lives of billions of people are at stake! The Wolf is at the door!


Get out there and build a movement to defeat the insane plans of US-led imperialism! Only in that way, will our class triumph over the capitalist vampires!


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