Notice of expulsion of Shuvu Batta by the NY SEP Branch : February 27th 2021

Note from the Editors: is publishing a series of articles and documents relating to the break of Shuvu Batta and Peter Ross from the SEP.  The crux of this break was over the issue of revolutionary work within trade unions.

Based on the writings of Trotsky and Lenin we disagree with the ICFI’s position that workers must break with trade unions and form a network of new “rank and file committees”. (Read our position on Trade Union work here). It is only through and open and robust discussion that scientific socialism, ie Marxism has developed in the past. We invite anyone who disagrees with this position or has something to add to this debate to consider submitting an article to

These documents were first published on Permanent Revolution and have been republished here with permission of the authors.

Lead article:

In the wake of the union defeat at  Bessemer an expelled SEP member speaks out – by Shuvu Batta and Peter Ross

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Notice of expulsion of Shuvu Batta by the NY SEP Branch : February 27th 2021

The following is an ancillary document for the article In the wake of the union defeat at Bessemer expelled SEP comrades speak out. It relates to the expulsion of Shuvu Batta. Links to all the documents can also be found here.

February 27, 2021 

Mr. Batta: 

This letter is formal notice that you have been expelled from membership in the Socialist Equality  Party. This disciplinary action of the New York Branch has been ratified by the Political Committee, as  required under the SEP Constitution.  

In your letter of February 23, 2021, you rejected the conditions set by the New York Branch for  returning to active membership. You were of course not required to retract your political differences.  The conditions consisted of acknowledging that your actions included violations of party discipline,  retracting your baseless allegations denouncing the party, agreeing to discussions organized by the  branch going forward, and committing to publicly carrying out and upholding the democratically  established political perspective and line of the party. You opted instead for expulsion. 

The branch was preparing to organize a discussion on the issues you raised. You have now on two  occasions sabotaged such a discussion, which will now take place without you. It is not we but you  who have made it clear that you are afraid to defend your views inside the party.  

The thoroughly dishonest manner with which you’ve conducted yourself is now clearer than ever. In  recent days we learned that you have been publicly attacking the World Socialist Web Site and SEP on  Reddit, while at the same time posturing as a loyal party member. All your claims of acting in the name of democratic centralism have been lies, nothing but a smokescreen for a political provocation.  

Through your actions and through your words you have declared yourself a political enemy of the SEP.  Because of your flagrant violations of the principles of party organization, and your further refusal to  acknowledge such violations and reaffirm your agreement with those principles, you have been  expelled from membership.  


Daniel de Vries 


New York Branch

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