Ancillary documents for article ‘In the wake of the union defeat at Bessemer Amazon expelled SEP members speak out”

Note from the Editors: is publishing a series of articles and documents relating to the break of Shuvu Batta and Peter Ross from the SEP.  The crux of this break was over the issue of revolutionary work within trade unions.

Based on the writings of Trotsky and Lenin we disagree with the ICFI’s position that workers must break with trade unions and form a network of new “rank and file committees”. (Read our position on Trade Union work here). It is only through and open and robust discussion that scientific socialism, ie Marxism has developed in the past. We invite anyone who disagrees with this position or has something to add to this debate to consider submitting an article to

These documents were first published on Permanent Revolution and have been republished here with permission of the authors.

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In the wake of the union defeat at  Bessemer an expelled SEP member speaks out – by Shuvu Batta and Peter Ross

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Ancillary documents for article ‘In the wake of the union defeat at  Bessemer expelled SEP members speak out

Once Again on the Question of Trade Unions and the Tasks of the Party – by Comrade C

The following are the ancilliary documents for the article In the wake of the union defeat at Bessemer expelled SEP members speak out. The documents were first published on Permanent Revolution and have been reproduced here with permission of Shuvu Batta and Peter Ross.

Documents related to the expulsion of SEP member Shuvu Batta from New York Branch

Document written by “Comrade C“: Once again on the question of the Trade Unions and the tasks of the party.

January 18th 2021 : Shuvu Batta’s initial letter to the leadership of the New York SEP Branch.

January 28th 2021: Response of the New York SEP Branch to Shuvu Batta

January 29: My Defense and a critique of the ICFI’s Practice by Shuvu Batta

February 21: Notice of disciplinary action by the NY Branch

February 23: My Defense of Democratic Centralism and a Critique of Sectarian Politics by Shuvu

February 27: Notice of expulsion by the NY Branch

April 2nd: Joseph Kishore letter to SEP members on Shuvu’s NPR appearance.

Documents related to the ending of the provisional SEP membership of Peter Ross from the Los Angeles Branch

February 5: Letter to Peter Ross

March 19: Statement to the SEP National Aggregate by Peter Ross

March 23: Reply to Marc from Peter Ross

March 26: David North and Joseph Kishore letter on behalf of SEP Political Committee to Peter Ross

April 23: Comments on David North and Joseph Kishore’s Letter by Peter Ross

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