Statement of support for San Francisco Workers’ Rally For United Front Against Fascism and Racism and for a General Strike

The following is a statement of support to be read out at the San Francisco Workers Rally to be held on Inauguration Day, January 20th. It is a rally supported on a United Front basis by the United Front for a Mass Labor Party, The Freedom Socialist Party, the Workers World Party and the Communist Workers Group.

Greetings comrades! is a small Trotskyist website with contributors from Australia and North America. We would like to pass on our solidarity and support for this important united front rally against racism and fascism!

The call that you are uniting around today “Against Racism and fascism” has relevance for the entire international working class. During the capitalist crisis of the 1930’s Germany fell to fascism. This was a development that set-in motion a catastrophe not just for the German working class but for the entire world. If today the world’s most powerful Imperialist power was to fall to open fascist rule, the impacts would again be felt by the entire world with perhaps even more devastating consequences.

The strategy you are following of a united front against fascism of all organisations of the working class was the one proposed by Trotsky for Germany in the 1930s but was tragically resisted by the Stalinist Communist Party of Germany. Although todays gathering only represents a small number of organisations, it is powerful, as it represents the seeds of the path that must be followed in uniting more and more organisations together in the fight against fascism. In a united front, groups are free to criticize each other perspectives and maintain their independence but they fight hand in hand together on their central demand. In this case no demand could be more important than the fight against racism and fascism which pose an existential threat to the working class.

Since November 3rd the alliance Democrats and their allies in the trade union bureaucracies, (with a few exceptions), have successfully kept mass mobilisations of the working class off the streets against the fascist threat of Trump coup. However, a united front strategy of workers as you are building today can and must overcome this policy and unleash the full power of the working class against the fascist threat in the US.

As for the socialist’s group who are either downplaying or ignoring the rising threat of fascism in the US. They will either soon join in the united front fight against fascism or they will fail this vital historical test and be relegated to irrelevance accordingly!

Know that as you undertake this work you do so with and for the international working class!

Down with Fascism! Down with Racism! For a General Strike! No Pasaran!

Davey Heller|
Melbourne, Australia

Davey Heller

Davey Heller is a Trotskyist from Melbourne and long-time campaigner for Left-wing causes including anti-war, refugee rights, environmental protests and workers' struggles. He is a former secondary teacher who studied history at Monash University and currently works in the environmental field. You can follow him on Twitter at @socialist_davey

One thought on “Statement of support for San Francisco Workers’ Rally For United Front Against Fascism and Racism and for a General Strike”

  1. CWG endorsement of United Front Against Fascism Rally January, 20, 2021. 3PM San Francisco City Hall.

    Hitler had his Beer Hall Putsch, Nixon had his gang that couldn’t shoot straight and Trump has his warmed over Budweiser barstool bois. The fascists are still not well-organized. There is no mass national fascist party, and their organizations remain splintered and lack leadership. This will take the fascists some time to overcome but is no cause for the workers movement to be complacent like AFL-CIO’s Trumka. The Trade Union leadership has workers sitting on our hands and confined to the voter booth while the fascists mobilize in the name of their counter-revolutionary program. The AFL-CIO, Change to Win and Longshore leadership are placing faith in the Democrats and refuse to fight for class independence or advocate that labor mobilize its own disciplined multi-racial self-defense guard.

    This Trump-inspired assault was part putsch but more lynch mob, if just theatrics so far as lynching Pelosi or Pence. The nooses were meant as a message to the Black community nationwide. The message is, “don’t organize, don’t vote, and don’t come on job sites,” job sites the racists believe should exclude Black bodies. On the docks and construction sites and even at NASCAR where racists try to intimidate Black workers, nooses are the preferred white power symbol.

    This is a prelude of things to come. The fascists and white supremacists have not been cowed but are continuing to organize. The social reaction will increase as Biden’s Democratic Party administration finds itself unable to defeat the pandemic and the economic crises except through austerity and repression, driving the working class further down and driving the despairing petty-bourgeois layers into the arms of the fascists.

    The “Vote Biden” socialists told you that electing Democrats was the way to fight the fascists and what we got was DC on January 6th and more fascist/white supremacist mobilizations to be expected. Liberal lawmaker legalism brought us to this brink. Tarrio, leader of the Proud Boys got a get out of jail free card; he just had to get out of town. Unless mass struggle against the capitalist system breaks out creating a beacon of revolutionary hope, the petty bourgeoisie, lumpens and backward sections of the class will be driven further into the despair of social reaction and fascism.

    The Democratic Party, a capitalist party, plays the same role as social democracy in other countries. Like social democracy, the Democrats pave the way for fascist reaction as they will not and cannot offer solutions to capitalist crises.

    The Democratic Party got elected promoting hawkish credentials polishing their imperialist street cred. On the international front fascism and inter-imperialist conflict are deeply intertwined. Western and US imperialism stand head-to-head against imperialist Russia/China bloc in the midst of the terminal crisis of capitalism, national Capitals face off for domination of the right to exploit the semi-colonies. But for all the anti-fascist rhetoric and Russia/China fear mongering we saw the Obama/Clinton/Biden role in Syria where they found unity with Russia against the forces of the Permanent Revolution, forces which erupted against the fascist Assad with the coming of Arab Spring in 2011. The contradictions which unleashed the Arab Spring remain unresolved, and both Biden and Trump like Putin and Xi are united against every rise the Arab masses against fascist comprador regimes, the which maintain the imperialist status-quo. Under Biden the forces of the US military will be directed as much if not more at every emergence of social revolution, as at their imperialist rivals

    What is urgently needed is a class struggle, fighting Workers/Labor Party, a combat party of the workers and oppressed, to serve as the “tribune of the people” and fight for socialist revolution. To defeat COVID-19, to resolve capitalist economic crisis, to stop inter-imperialist war with social revolution and to address the environmental catastrophe we need a new workers’ party and new international workers’ party to advance a Transitional Program that mobilizes the masses in class struggle.

    Such a party will organize around everyday issues and show how each basic demand of the masses can only be ensured by the formation of a revolutionary internationalist workers government propelled to power by General Strikes, Workers’ Assemblies and militia formed to defend the movements of the workers and oppressed from the racist state and fascist thugs.

    Jobs for All 30 hours work for 40 hours pay.
    Make housing a right! House then unhoused!
    Healthcare for all. Socialize Medicine run under workers’ control.
    For worker’s management of the COVID crisis! Open the economy under workers’ control.
    Education is a right! Free quality education for all from Day care to Graduate and Vocational School!
    Abolish the Police and Prison Industrial Complex the legacy of Slavery!
    Build international anti-imperialist solidarity.
    Abolish the capitalist class’s intelligence community!
    Close overseas military bases bring the troops home!

    Build popular assemblies of workers and oppressed! Prepare the General Strike and the Workers Party to Smash Fascism in the Egg.

    CWG endorses Jan. 20 3PM SF City Hall.

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