“The Sensible Socialist” podcast interview about Julian Assange

Classconscious.org contributor Davey Heller was interviewed on by Kevin Gustafson, US based podcaster who has produced “The Sensible Socialist” since 2018 on the topic of the campaign to free Julian Assange.

The interview covered the Iraq War Logs, Afghan War Diary and State Department files that whistleblower Chelsea Manning provided to Wikileaks and the impact that these documents had on exposing the criminality of US imperialism to the global working class. It also covered the reasons why the ruling class are so determined to make an example of Julian Assange and currently have him imprisoned in declining health in Belmarsh Prison.

The issues raised by the release of these files in 2010 and the files related to the DNC and Clinton Campaign in 2016 are also explored. The discussion explained why the arguments concerning “Russiagate” or that Assange allegedly favoured Trump in 2016 should bear no relevance on why the Left and Marxists in particular should fight to free Julian Assange. The fight to free Assange and Manning must be attached to the banner of Marxists internationally as they fight against war, dictatorship and the capitalist system as a whole.

Appearing on this podcast is an example in action of how classconscious.org would like to reach out to other socialist organisations and tendencies around the world to discuss and clarify important issues facing the working class.

The full interview can be heard on The Sensible Socialist podcast here.

Davey Heller

Davey Heller is a Trotskyist from Melbourne and long-time campaigner for Left-wing causes including anti-war, refugee rights, environmental protests and workers' struggles. He is a former secondary teacher who studied history at Monash University and currently works in the environmental field. You can follow him on Twitter at @socialist_davey

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