United Public Workers for Action call public meeting – “The Attack On Julian Assange, Journalists, Democratic Rights, Labor & Imperialist War”

The California based United Public Workers for Action (UPWA) have called an important public meeting to hold a forum to discuss the persecution of Julian Assange in the broader framework of the attack on free speech and democratic rights more generally.

Classoncious.org fully endorses this meeting, and encourage the widest possible attendance where possible.

We eagerly await the release of a recording of this event through labour video, as has been the case with previous meetings and protests organised by this group.

From their announcement:

The Attack On Julian Assange, Journalists, Democratic Rights, Labor & Imperialist War

Sunday, September 23, 2018 10:30 AM
Niebyl Proctor Library
6501 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA

The effort by the US government to continue to attempt to arrest whistleblower and journalist Julian Assange is a threat to all labor, journalists and free speech rights. He has exposed the criminal activities of governments and corporate crooks as well as the corrupt Democratic party who manipulated the results of the primary in the last election. Governments, politicians and the billionaires who he has exposed want to shut him up to silence all whistleblowers and journalists.

This forum will look at the attack on Julian Assange as not only an attack on all democratic rights but also in terms of the growing crisis in capitalism and US imperialism. It will also look at the role of independent media in how the Julian Assange case is being covered.

Steve Zeltzer KPFA WorkWeek Radio KPFA
Nozomi Hayase, Journalist and Author
Anne Garrison, San Francisco Bayview and Black Agenda Report
Randy Credico, WBAI Radio Host and Journalist by Skype and WBAI
John Holmes, Retired member of CWA Pacific Media Workers Guild

Sponsored by Bay Area Free Julian Assange Action Committee BAFJAAC

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