United Public Workers for Action call rally in San Fransisco – “Hands off Julian Assange”

Class conscious website is happy to endorse and urge the widest possible attendance  of the following action called by the United Public Workers for Action – UPWA.

1/8/18 – 12 Noon – Rally at the Ecuadorean consulate in San Fransisco, 235 Montgomery street, San Fransisco

Hands off Julian Assange – Don’t allow the arrest of journalist whistleblower Julian Assange

The US has been pressuring the Ecuadorean government to force the removal of Julian Assange because of the US embarrassment over the release of emails of governments and politicians. The British government has also spent millions of dollars to surround the consulate and the May government plans to arrest Assange as soon as he is pushed out of the consulate. The effort to silence Julian Assange is not just about him but silencing all journalists who release information that threatens the exposure of government corruption and crimes. The refusal of the US government to prosecute those involved in US crimes in Iraq, Libya and around the world despite the evidence of these crimes provided by Wikileaks is further reason why the US government is so interested in arresting Assange.

Journalists are also under attack globally and the right of journalists to write and publish material about these activities is something that must be defended. The US and UK government officials are united in continuing the silencing of Journalists and those who want to hold them responsible for the crimes of the government and around the world.

It is time to stand up for Assange and all Journalists who are speaking truth to power.

Dont force Assange out of the Ecuadorean consulate!
Hands off Journalists and Whistleblowers!
Prosecute the Real Criminals!

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Further event details can be found here – including a list of speakers:

The following short statement from Class Conscious is to be read out during the rally:

“Fraternally greetings from the team at ClassConscious.org in Australia.

This important rally is an important step in the international struggle to free Julian, in defending this courageous journalist who has consistently fought to expose the truth, we are defending our right to know. The Wikileaks revelations have exposed the true character of governments around the world in revealing the facts of their criminal conduct. Thus the fight to defend Julian is part and parcel of the broader struggle to defend democratic rights, against war and against censorship.

There are credible reports that the Ecuadorean government may renege on the political asylum Julian was earlier granted, and that he may be removed from the embassy in the coming period. Yet the Australian government refuses to use its diplomatic power to intervene on Julians behalf to uphold his rights and promote his welfare, this is business as usual for the ruling class, they do not respect the right of Asylum.

The Australian government has established a precedent in its cruel treatment of asylum seekers fleeing war and persecution in their home countries, they are routinely denied their fundamental democratic rights through the ‘Pacific solution’. Whereby The boats used for the dangerous ocean crossing to Australia are intercepted by the navy and taken to be indefinitely detained in third countries in prison camps. Rather than fairly processing their asylum applications they are held in a deliberately punitive system. Held as an example in inhumane conditions to deter others from seeking asylum in Australia.

The Australian government does not respect the rights of asylum for the refugees, nor does it respect Julian’s right to asylum, these cruel people do not deserve to govern, their crimes are too great.

The poor treatment of refugees and the persecution of Assange show the necessity of developing a internationally based, ongoing campaign in defence of all democratic rights. From this rally we must move to build this campaign, developing links with politically progressive elements is an important step.

Urgent protests are currently being organised in many countries to respond when Assange is evicted from Ecuador’s London embassy. Please check our website for further details.

Thank you!



Owen Hsieh is an independent Marxist living between Western Australia and Taiwan. An avid bibliophile and book collector with a special interest in Eastern European literature and history, currently focused on the Russian Revolution and Stalinism.

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