Global protests to demand freedom for Julian Assange

To mark the sixth anniversary of Julian Assange seeking asylum in the Ecuadorean Embassy to avoid extradition to the United States to face espionage charges, protests have been called around the world. Danger to Julian is growing by the day as the new Ecuadorean Government moves to do the bidding of the U.S. and evict Julian from the Embassy. In addition Julian’s physical and mental health is imperilled by his ongoing detention and isolation.

There are now events planned across seven countries and in over twenty locations. The upcoming protests must be the start of an international movement of the working class to demand the Julian is given his freedom as part of a broader campaign against war, censorship and to defend democratic rights! Julian needs to be brought home safely to family and friends in Australia!




June 19th. 6-8 pm rally preceded by a vigil from 11 am. Ecuadorean Embassy, No3 Hans Crescent, Knightbrige :  .WisupActionWebsite.- Facebook event page



June 17th 1- 3PM Socialist Equality Party Rally, Sydney Town Hall Square. Speakers include John Pilger and James Cogan (SEP National Secretary). Endorsed by Julian Burnside QC and Terry Hicks (father of David Hicks) –Facebook event and website



vigilpostersydneyJune 19th, 9am – 1pm, British Consulate Gateway Building, 1 Macquarie Place, Sydney – Facebook Event


June 19th. 12- 2pm, Outside British Consulate, 90 COllins St, CBD.           Vigil will be attended by Julian’s father, John Shipton who stated “Julian’s total isolation from his bereft children, anxious brothers, sister and parents and worried friends had best, for Julian urgently, end. Bring him home“. Speakers include: Greg Barnes: Advisor to Wikileaks and Julian Assange, James Cogan(SEP National Secretary) and Shirley Shackleton(widow of Balibo 5 Journalist),   Class-conscious website and Facebook event.


  June 19th  6- 8pm Solidarity Light Vigil, Melbourne CBD. Bring candles and loved ones to show your support Disarm Facebook Event


June 19th, Vigil 4-6PM, Ann Street Shrine of Remembrance, Ann Street, Brisbane City Centre (opposite Central Station) Facebook event page


June 19th 12PM-2PM Forrest Chase Facebook Event Page


adelaide vigilSunday 17th June 1PM (77-91 Rundle Mall)



June 19th, 5PM Siriperumbudur bus terminal, Tamil Nadu – Supporters of the ICFI. Details on the ICFI/WSWS Supporters INdia




JUNE 19TH. 6-8 PM BRITISH EMBASSY, 29 Merrion Road, Ballsbridge : Speakers Mariead Maguire,Nobel Peace Laurete, Clare Daly TD,Mick Wallace TD, * More speakers & musicians to be confirmed.



June 19th, 12-4PM:
12 Noon Australian High Commission (72 Hobson St) Then march to:
1.15 U.S. Embassy (29 Fitzherbert Terrace Thorndon) Then march to:
2.30 pm British High Commision (44 hill St)
Facebook Event



June 19th, 4PM, Fort Railway Station in central Colombo – Socialist Equality Party protest. Details on World Socialist Website



 June 19th, 10.30 AM Human Rights Council Meeting, Palace of Nations, Geneva. Meeting on Wikileaks and Julian Assange and the future of rights and freedoms in the West



 June 17th, 12 PM : Parkman Bandstand, BostonFacebook Event


June 19th 2-8 PM – U.K. and Australian Consulate, 2029 Century Park East, LA CONSULATE, L.A Facebook Event


    June 19th 2pm- 8pm – UK Consulate, 845 Third Av, btwn 51st & 52d, Manhattan.  Bring brollies & banners. Contact @beaucoupmorceau on Twitter


June 21st, 5 -6.30 PM, British Consulate, Phoenix,2425 East Camelback Road, Phoenix Arizona Facebook event page


        June 19th, 4-6 PM, British Consulate, 1 Sansome St, San Francisco


   June 19th, 2-8 PM,  Balboa Park by Lily Pond


June 19th, 2-8 PM, British Embassy, 3100 Massachusetts Ave, NW, Washington DC       Facebook Event



 June 19th, 11 AM Lafayette Park opposite the Whitehouse. Speakers : Ray McGovern Marsha Coleman Adebayo Margaret Flowers Medea Benjamin Kevin Zeese Angel Fox Lee Stranahan Statement by Kevin Zeese and Event Page


  June 19th – Meet up to fly banners over bridges on freeways demanding freedom for Julian. Contact Kara on Twitter @LowHangingRuby for details about how to get involved.


June 19th – Meet up to fly banners over bridges on freeways demanding freedom for Julian. Contact Veronica on Twitter @whaleswarrior for details about how to get involved.



If you are planning to host or know of any other cities who wish to participate in the June 19th actions for Julian, they are being coordinated through the Free Julian Assange at U.K and U.S. Embassies Worldwide Facebook page or send a message direct to the Class-conscious website via our Contact page. Like wise if you have additional details of speakers etc about already listed events, please pass that on too.


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  1. Julian Assange leaked Hilary Clinton’s emails to the Russians. He was detained but never charged on sex offences in Sweden.
    Assange is probably anti – American-foreign-policy; he blamed former US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, for what happened in Libya and was concerned that, if elected President, Clinton would invade Iran (she supported the invasion of its neighbour, Iraq).
    Wikileakes probably saw Trump as the lesser of two evils.
    But Trump is up to his eyeballs with the Russian mafia (oligarchs).
    The oligarchs stole all this money from the Soviet Republics (countries ending with …stan) and gave Trump a cut to launder it. Even the Australian Broadcasting Commission’s Four Corners covered the story.
    But what the ABC left out was one of the oligarchs, Felix Sater, is aligned with a fundamentalist Jewish sect … Jared Kushner is also a member.
    Four Corners probably left it out of their show for fear of being called anti-semites which ironically, former clansmen: Trump and his father, are.

    • Wikileaks published to the world. ‘Fancy Bear’ strikes me as fanciful attribution, and asserts that Russian’s acquisition of emails preceded Wikileaks’.

    • “Julian Assange leaked Hilary Clinton’s emails to the Russians.”

      Boy have you been drinking the MSM kool-aid.

      Wikileaks were given a dump of DNC internal emails by Seth Rich, a Bernie supporter who worked for the DNC and was disgusted by the way Hillary Clinton stole the nomination from Bernie (Seth Rich was subsequently murdered, probably by US government secret agents). Assange placed a redacted version of that email dump on Wikileaks. That’s where the Podesta emails came from, and things such as the information that all the main US media outlets were collaborating with the Clinton campaign in an effort to get Hillary elected.

      A completely separate issue is that, during her time as Secretary of State, Hillary was illegally handling work emails containing classified, and in some cases, top secret, information, on an unsecured private email server that is thought to have been hacked by the Russians (and probably the Chinese). She was doing this so that her dodgy dealings with the Clinton foundation wouldn’t come under scrutiny. That had nothing to do with Assange or Wikileaks though.

      A further source of emails came from Hillary’s most senior aide, Huma Abedin. Huma had tens of thousands of Clinton emails on a laptop in a folder marked “Insurance”. The laptop was seized by the FBI, and the emails discovered by them, during investigations into Huma’s then husband Anthony Weiner, who had been sending indecent photos of himself to children. Whether those emails were hacked by the Russians is unknown, but considering Huma’s close connections to Saudi Arabia, it’s a fair bet that the Saudis have a copy! Again, there is no connection to Assange or Wikileaks though, just misbehaviour by the untrustworthy and corrupt people Hillary surrounds herself with.

  2. A big thank you to all those who remain active despite the tidal wave of indifference that seems to swell at the very mention of Julian Assange’s name. Nelson Mandela trod a very similar path. Let us pray that 7 and not 27 will be the number of years it takes for Julians die-hard support to be successful.

  3. The event in Chicago, IL, USA you are promoting is being run by a woman “Veronica P. Wolski” (aka @whaleswarrior) who has informed us that she is now and has always been working very closely with and with the support and encouragement of members of the Chicago Police Dept. (see: You should remove that listing! We have been trying to organize a rally here but interest in this seems to be non-existent, which we attribute to the fact that Chicago is 70% black and Hispanic and heavily Democratic Party-influenced – and primarily due to WikiLeaks’ friendliness towards neo-fascists like US Senator Ron Paul and Julian Assange’s courting of the racist, anti-immigrant, misogynist Trump administration. Friends of WikiLeaks – Chicago Twitter: @FoWLChi email:

  4. Hi.
    I have a banner ready to put in a busy square near the town hall of Sabadell. The theme is: “No dream is possible hiding the Truth, Julian Assange.” Much encouragement. Have a day full of smiles.

  5. For those in Montreal area who would like to get together or even just talk on the phone. Here is a DEBATE STRATEGY TO JULIAN & ALL HUMANITY’S LIBERATION Julian Assange & Cardinal Jozsef Mindszenty Case Courageous publishers like Julian Assange & principled churchmen are a rarity: Neither would be silenced & both had to seek asylum, but the similarity ends there. by Ray McGovern 19Jun’18 Thank you Julian Assange for your service to all humanity in the face of a world-wide oligarch-led settler-colonial regime of genocide. Here’s an article by John Pilger on Julian via its posting by Paul-Craig Roberts former undersecretary of the economy under President Ronald Reagan. I was looking for petitions on freeing Julian Assange but just found this one active. Bringing Julian Assange Home, John Pilger, 17Jun’18 End Julian Assange’s Isolation Petition 18Jun’18 IN ORDER TO FREE JULIAN, I suggest that; Wikileaks supporters & media take on the role of ‘debating’ (French ‘de’ = ‘undo’ + ‘bate’ = ‘the-fight’) with our perceived adversaries at every level we are involved in. Even if a person is just a redneck friend who will debate in a both-sided, equal-time, recorded & published debate, it provides a vehicle to show the subtleties of truth. It is far more convincing to hear information from different perspectives debated ‘dialectically’ (‘both-sides’) than to hear only one side presented ‘monolectically. As each of us records & publishes debates on social-media or whatever media or platform, we have access to, then such debates will attract attention, moving up the chain of oligarch command & control. Those in control will try to set-things straight only to find themselves undone through logic, facts & human kindness. DIALECTICS (‘both-sides’) Human mind forms its knowledge systems through contrasting & comparing. Human senses are arranged with two eyes, ears, nose, arm, hands, legs etc because sensory data like sight is two-dimensional. It is not until the images of the two eyes seeing from slightly different perspectives are compared in the human-mind that a reasonable 3-D facsimile is created along with other sensory data, to inform us how to move through, engage & interact with 3-dimensions. Debates are the most viewed media event beyond all others. When more & more of the general public are provided with debates comparing both-sides, then the Mainstream-Media bubble bursts. Truth is not really ‘self-evident’ because it is only through comparing the opposite & multiple grey-zones through multiple experiences that such truth becomes apparent. ‘BOTH-SIDES-NOW, equal-time, recorded & published (or confidential) dialogues provides an easy to use simplified debate format. Two people schedule a date, time & duration for a debate. A debate challenge begins with a few paragraph call for the debate with reasons given. Reasons can be positive such as “I want to explore this area of knowledge with you” or negative, “I wish to address this issue with you”. The person responding to the call answers with a couple of paragraph statement. Today’s cell-phones can record video & sound for 90 minutes. Audio-sound only takes less disk space. Electronic watches typically have a stop-watch function upon which each one records the time one is speaking cumulatively. Typically 90 minutes provides a good debate with 45 minutes speaking time for each person. When one has one’s stop-watch running one has the ‘floor’. It is best if people speak in few minute segments so the other can respond. Computer video allows one to present pictures, graphs & other documentation as well as sounds etc. during one’s ‘time’. The general rule in ‘Both-sides-now’ is that PEOPLE CAN SAY WHATEVER THEY WANT, but their reputation’s at stake. At the beginning both parties should sign a disclosure or confidentiality form. Personally I prefer full disclosure, but individuals can as well chose some degree of privacy even down to just one confidant for each debater. The best debates are collaborative searches for the truth. Council process involves formally meeting our perceived opponents & even our friends to explore (mine) our differences & similarities. Mohandas Gandhi founded ‘Satyagraha’ (Hindi ‘truth-search’) based on bring all sides together in dialogue & would ask the question simultaneously, “What are your best intentions & how can we help you fulfill these?” As well India’s liberation from colonial overlords was founded in ‘Swaraj’ (Hindi ‘self-sufficiency’) or ‘becoming the change we want to see in the world’. When Satyagraha ‘communication’ & Swaraj ‘action are combined, then we have integrity between what we say & what we do. Socrates in founding Academia outside the Sophist educational war-indoctrinating schools, proposed dialectics (both-sided inquiry) as the foundation of ‘education’ (L ‘educare’ = ’to-lead-forth-from-within’) social & economic literacy. When all of us individually & collectively begin to engage ‘dialectically’ (‘hearing both sides’) in debate within each of our families, multihomes, schools, industry, courts, media, business, & government, simultaneously with ‘becoming the change’ from the ground up, then we can begin the process of learning to act accordingly. Its essential that we debate the issues before us in each relationship rather than abstractly or politically for external factors. When just 2000 publicly recorded & published debates are released about Julian’s incredible gift to humanity, then public consciousness is changed & Julian will be free. If humanity has 100,000 DEBATES PUBLISHED on the real issues before us & the inevitable right-actions taken, then we will have laid a foundation for peace & prosperity in our time.

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