Russian Revolutionary Posters: from civil war to Socialist Realism, from Bolshevism to the end of Stalinism by David King: Book Review

June 29, 2018

Russian Revolutionary Posters is the contribution of David King (1943-2016) in fighting for historical truth in preserving posters and artwork from the Soviet Union for posterity. King begins by giving the fascinating prelude to this story in first learning of the existence of, and then trying to secure a copy of “Russki Revolyutsionnii Plakat” by […]

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Melbourne protest outside British Consulate demands freedom for Julian Assange!

June 24, 2018

On June 19th in Melbourne around sixty people gathered outside the British Consulate in Collins St on the sixth anniversary of Julian Assange seeking asylum in the Ecuadorian Embassy. The protest, called by this website, was part of a global day of action which in addition to a protest at the London embassy itself, spread […]

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Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom: film review

June 24, 2018

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is a film about a small team at an NGO called the dinosaur protection group, centred around former Jurassic Park Operations manager Claire Dearing (Bryce Dallas Howard), they are given the opportunity to travel to Jurassic Park to try save key species from a second extinction as a Volcano on the island […]

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Global vigils on June 19th: the movement grows to Free Assange

June 22, 2018

To mark six years since Julian Assange sought political asylum in the London Ecuadorean Embassy and to demand his immediate freedom and protection from extradition to the United States, vigils and protests occurred in eight countries and 20 cities. The first, global vigil to be called for June 19th, was part of the ongoing vigil […]

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The Noise of Time by Julian Barnes: Book Review

June 16, 2018

The Noise of Time is a popular fiction centred on the life of prominent Russian composer Dmitri Shostakovich’s in three periods. The first when denounced by Stalin in Pravda in 1936, second as a prominent emissary of Soviet and culture at a Congress in New York in 1949, and third under the thaw instigated by Khrushchev, pressured […]

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Support growing for Melbourne Free Assange Vigil as speakers announced

June 11, 2018

Support is growing internationally and within Australia, united around the demand to bring Julian Assange home! Protests have been called in Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and Brisbane and in six other countries to demand his freedom around the date of June 19th, which marks the sixth year of Assange’s detention in the London Ecuadorean Embassy. The […]

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Julian Assange’s father endorses Melbourne June 19th Vigil: “Bring him home”

June 7, 2018

Julian Assange’s Australian father, John Shipton, has endorsed the June 19th Solidarity Vigil occurring outside the British Consulate in Melbourne. The vigil marks the sixth year of detention for Julian inside the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. It is part of a global series of protests that has spread to six countries and at least 16 […]

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Lenin’s Embalmers by Ilya Zbarsky: book review

June 6, 2018

Lenin’s Embalmers is the autobiography of Ilya Zbarsky (1913-2007) a chemist in the Soviet Union working on the preservation and display of Lenin’s body in Red Square, Moscow. Reading like a history of the 20th century his autobiography charts the history of his family, first under Tsarism, through the Russian Revolution, the purges and mass […]

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Global protests to demand freedom for Julian Assange

May 31, 2018

To mark the sixth anniversary of Julian Assange seeking asylum in the Ecuadorean Embassy to avoid extradition to the United States to face espionage charges, protests have been called around the world. Danger to Julian is growing by the day as the new Ecuadorean Government moves to do the bidding of the U.S. and evict […]

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Upcoming Australian protests demanding freedom for Julian Assange!

May 30, 2018

Julian Assange is now in immediate danger. He is trapped in the Ecuadorean Embassy in London. The Ecuadorean Government of Lenin Moreno has blocked all visitors except his lawyers and all  communication with the outside world. The Ecuadorean Government has made it clear they want Julian out of the Embassy as soon as possible. June […]

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