The role of in creating healthy debate within the Marxist movement

We see as a tendency or publication that is orientated to the international working class, and as such attempting to forge links with the best layers of workers and youth by fostering debate and discussion over key questions of theory and history. We hope to play our part in helping to build a revolutionary culture in the spirit of socialist internationalism.

The current period of capitalist crisis requires workers to form new organisations and  to develop a new leadership. This process must be based on a careful analysis of past workers struggles; in the early part of 20th century as part of the revolutionary upheavals that culminated in 1917 Russian Revolution, Marxist argued through the daily questions constantly through many different publications and even within the pages of Pravda itself debates occurred.

To take this quote from the respected historian of the Bolshevik revolution, Alexander Rabinowitch in The Bolsheviks come to power:

As we have seen, within the Bolshevik Petrograd organisation at all levels in 1917 there was a continuing, free and lively discussion and debate over the most basic theoretical and tactical issues. Leaders who differed with the majority were at liberty to fight for their views and not infrequently Lenin was the loser in these struggles. To gauge the importance of this tolerance of differences of opinion and ongoing give-and-take, it is enough to recall that throughout 1917 many of the Bolshevik’s most important resolutions and public statements were influenced as much by the outlook of the right Bolsheviks as by that of Lenin. In addition, moderate Bolsheviks like Kamenev, Zinoviev, Lunacharsky, and Riazanov were among the party’s most articulate and respected spokesmen in key public institutions such as the soviets and trade unions.” (pp 311-312).

Or to quote Lenin: “without a revolutionary theory there can be no revolutionary movement”

It is only through and open and robust discussion that scientific socialism, ie Marxism has developed in the past. would like to play its role in developing such a culture again.

Submissions welcome to

In this spirit wishes to reach out to the best layers of revolutionaries who are orientated to the working class and invite them to submit articles to us on important questions for the working class. Whilst we will not promote articles that seek to obscure the truth from the working class through falsification and appeals to reformism we would be happy to foster debate by publishing articles that may not fully align with the position of our editorial collective. Submissions as we said are welcome from those who are orientated to the working class which may include people who call themselves socialist or anarchist.

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