A call out to the Marxist movement – the time to act against Trump’s fascist coup is now!

Whilst it cant be said with 100 percent certainty that Trump is in the process of attempting a fascist coup, it can be said with certainty that all of his actions are consistent with one!

Trump and the political representatives of the fascist faction of the ruling class, in full control the Republican Party are determined to stay in power one way or the other. Their first option was to win the election outright which they came very close to achieving.

In the week since the election it has become clear that Trump has not won a majority of the electoral votes and Biden is the winner of the election. Trump continues to maintain that the election was rigged by a conspiracy of Democrats and that widespread voter fraud has cheated him of the Presidency. He is planning more rallies to activate his base. The DOJ is now looking into “voter fraud”.

He is launching many legal attempts to challenge the vote to create more doubt in the eyes of the 70 million Americans who voted for him. And he hopes that some of these cases will make it to the stacked Supreme Court where the freshly minted Christian fanatic judge, Amy Coney Barret, will secure him victory.

If that doesnt work then Republican controlled state legislatures can simply overturn the vote and send Trump electors to the electoral college. If they can delay either candidate getting a majority in the electoral college, a vote can be rammed through Congress making Trump the President-elect. 

This is indeed what ex-CIA head and current Secretary of State Pompeo meant when he stated there would be a “smooth transition to a second Trump Administration”. He elaborated, “We’re gonna count all the votes. When the process is complete, there’ll be electors selected. There’s a process – the constitution lays it out pretty clearly.” In other words, using the baseless justification of widespread voter fraud, the Republican Party under Trump intends to use the anti-democratic rules of the US constitution to provide a legal figleaf to nakedly stage a coup.

All of this of course would involve putting down mass resistance with violence. This is why Trump is now solidifying his control over the military by sacking Esper who opposed using the military against BLM protests and replacing him with the Trump loyalist and Special Forces veteran Christopher Miller. Trump has also placed loyalists in the Pentagon including the I retired army officer Anthony Tata, a regular Fox commentator and Islamophobe in the top Pentagon policy role. Tata once tweeted at former CIA head John Brenan “might be a good time to pick your poison: firing squad, public hanging, life sentence as prison b*tch, or just suck on your pistol. Your call. #Treason #Sedition #crossfirehurricane #Obamagate.”

Trump is not acting alone despite being opposed by a large section of the ruling class:

—He is backed by the Republican Party.

—He has 70 million people who voted for him.

—He has the backing of the AR15 militias, the MAGA movement of “enraged petty bourgeois and the lumpen proletariat”.— He has control of the executive and plenty of bodies of armed men. He has the police, Homeland Security, ICE, BORTAC etc.

The opposing faction of the ruling class backing Biden is seeking to downplay the threat of the coup, insisting that the system is working and “he will have to go”. This is chloroforming the masses who fiercely oppose Trump. The Democrats class interests as a capitalist party mean they are more scared of the working class than fascism.

The Trotskyist Left, on the whole, is also chloroforming the working class by either downplaying the threat altogether, or refusing to engage in the organising necessary to prepare for an independent intervention of the working class in this battle between two factions of the ruling class. Preparations not only for mass protest but also for a general strike should be actively conducted on a united front basis. Classconscious.org made this call on October 13th in our call out “March separately, but strike together! For a united front against fascism in the US! General Strike now!

US imperialism is in crisis both domestically and internationally. One faction of the ruling class is working through Trump to stake its last card on fascism. It has decided that the norms of bourgeois democracy are now fetters on its drive to reassert US geopolitical hegemony by any means necessary, up to and including war. To maintain social  control in the face of widespread opposition by the working class majority, and to prevent socialist revolution at home in the context of conditions of extreme social, health and economic crises, this faction has opted for the path of total authoritarian rule.

The faction of finance capital backing Biden seeks to maintain US global hegemony through the post-WW2 system of alliances with a multilateral architecture, rather than through unilateral economic nationalism. While it too wants to repress working class resistance to austerity and war, it must do so in a qualitatively different way due to the class forces it rests upon (eg the Democrats and the trade unions). Its assessment of the balance of class forces at the moment suggests that it is still more efficient to control the working class within the confines of bourgeois democratic forms of rule, no matter how hollow.

The ultimate driver of the moves towards fascism does not lie in the pathology of Donald Trump but in the deepening crisis of world capitalism. Just as in the 1930’s, a deeply stagnating economy is pushing ruling classes around the world to throw the last card on fascism. Neither in the US , nor in the world economy as a whole, has the rate of profit recovered from the Global Financial Crash of 2007/2008. This was the case before the economic and social chaos caused by the covid crisis.

Trotsky wrote in December 1931 of the German situation

Germany is now passing through one of those great historic hours upon which the fate of the German people, the fate of Europe, and in significant measure the fate of all humanity, will depend for decades. If you place a ball on top of a pyramid, the slightest impact can cause it to roll down either to the left or to the right. That is the situation approaching with every hour in Germany today. There are forces which would like the bail to roll down towards the right and break the back of the working class. There are forces which would like the ball to remain at the top. That is a utopia. The ball cannot remain at the top of the pyramid.”

The situation in the United States today could not be described more accurately.

We call on other Marxists to understand the seriousness of this crisis. The world’s largest imperialist empire is on the brink of bringing home the forms of terror and dictatorship that it has long inflicted on other peoples around the world. It does so in preparation both for the class battles ahead, and to wage war, which would likely be nuclear , against its capitalist rivals.

We must do what we can to lead the working class into independent action to defend its democratic rights! As Trostky warned in Germany – fighting for the revolution is much harder if we allow fascism to consolidate. Defensive action is required. Motivate your networks in the US and internationally to prepare for mass mobilisations and a general strike! Defence committees must be formed to fight off the fascist gangs. Workers outside the US must start to think about how they can link up and support the struggle of their US counterparts as the fate of the global working class is tied to theirs. The working class is the only progressive force that can be relied upon to stop the slide into dictatorship happening before our eyes in the US today! 

Join the Facebook Group “For a united front against fascism! General Strike now!

Building a General Strike against Trump’s fascist coup – Steps you can take.

Spread the word on social media!

∙ Invite your friends to the “For a united front against fascism in the US! General Strike now!” Facebook group. Post this group in other groups that you belong to. Lets build it to thousands of members!∙ Post the call out for a United Front from classconscious.org on your page and in groups that you belong to.

Mobilize your union or workplace!∙

If you are a member of a Labor Union find out if your Labor Union has joined the call for a General Strike. Pass a motion at your branch such as those passed by the MLK Labor Council in Seattle and the Rochester Labor Council in New York.

∙ If you are not in a Labor Union, organize your fellow employees to join a General Strike. Such organizing may be best done outside of work premises. Many workplaces disallow any organizing onsite.

Mobilise your political party!

∙If you are a member of an organized political party, find out how they plan to react to an unfair, irreconcilable and illegitimate election. If they have no plans for response, organize one.

Mobilise your social justice group!

∙If you are a member of an organization that fights for justice find out how they plan to react to an irreconcilable and illegitimate election. If they do not have a plan, organize one.∙If you are aware of another organization who is currently fighting the austerity and the fallout from the pandemic, such as Tenants Unions, try to organize a General Strike within these organizations.

Organise your neighbourhood.

∙Talk to your friends and neighbourhoods about the looming dangers. Do not allow people to call you an alarmist; arm yourself with data that shows that it is already happening. In the event of a widespread strike, neighbourhood committees and organizing will be important in sustaining strike activity.

Protests versus General Strike

∙A General Strike is more than a protest, it is when workers across all industries refuse to go to work eg withdrawal their labor. By grinding the economy and therefore profits to a halt, the working class can assert its demands! A General strike is the working class intervening directly into this struggle.

∙Protests in contrast are where people assemble to make a demand. They are important and will be needed alongside a strike however protests alone will not be enough to stop a fascist coup in the US.

Educate yourself!∙

Learn the difference between a General Strike and a Protest.∙

Learn about the definition of a United Front. A United Front does not require an ideological agreement on all matters, only an agreement on a specific action, in this case a general strike to stop slow motion fascist coup.∙

Use the opportunity of building the strike to teach people who are amenable to learning about the class struggle and socialism. Whatever occurs in the next few weeks – the class struggle will only intensify under conditions of capitalist crisis around the world.Plan ahead∙If you have sick leave or vacation time sign up to take it now. Take off as many days as possible from the election forward, no one knows how long this will take.

∙Stock up on supplies. Think about how you, your friends and co-workers can support each other if supplies and transport etc are shut down in ongoing general strike.

Rent strike poster website launched in build up to May Day global rent strike.

A website entitled “Global Rent Strike Posters” has been created dedicated to building working class solidarity across the world to demand a global end to rent payments, and the socialization of all rental housing stock. It provides posters and links from rent strikes in New Zealand (Aotearoa), Australia, United States (Boston, Columbus, North Carolina), Canada (Toronto, Montreal). The website has been launched in the build up to the May 1st (May Day) call out for a global rent strike.

Below is the text from home page of the website.
Visit www. globalrentstrikeposters to see all the posters.

In the space of a single month, the COVID19 pandemic has exposed the complete failure of global capitalism to provide basic human needs, including healthcare, employment, and housing.

The ruling class of the world, the capitalists, rapidly coordinated a series of responses to the pandemic, with the object of securing the capitalist system – not providing for basic human needs.

We can see this global coordination in the approach to rental housing –  state funds are being directed towards corporate landlords, not to tenants, in many of the advanced capitalist countries such as Canada, the USA and Australia.

If the interests of landlords and capitalists are being coordinated on a global scale, then the only way tenants can successfully fight back – even locally – is by coordinating our efforts globally. Only the international working class has the power.

But before we can coordinate, we have to know each other. This is why the Global Rent Strike Poster website to sharing Rent Strike posters and art from around the world was created. It is so that working people who are engaging in what can seem to be very localized struggles, in a single building, with a single landlord, or in a single neighbourhood, can know that they are not alone, and can have the strength to fight back not as individuals, but as a social class, with its own independent social interests.

Where possible, we have provided a link to the organization which created the poster or leaflet, or else the rent strike group in that local area.

You can send rent strike posters to solidarity@globalrentstrikeposters.com

It is only through and open and robust discussion scientific socialism, ie Marxism has developed. Classconscious.org would like to play its role in developing such a culture again. We are attempting to foster debate by publishing articles that may not fully align with the position of our editorial collective.

Actions for Assange pages on Facebook.

Online infrastructure is necessary for groups to able to organise protests in different countries to sustain the campaign to Free Julian Assange now that he is in prison in the U.K. 

One way of doing this is to  form of specific Facebook Action groups for specific regions including: ‘Aus Action 4 Assange!’, ‘Canadian Action 4 Assange!, ‘US Action 4 Assange!’,’German Action 4 Assange!’ and ‘Nepalese 4 Assange” etc..

These ongoing national or regional Facebook Action Groups will help with organising, urgent communications (esp. when JA is evicted), attracting new supporters, promotion of events, creating community and laying the online infrastructure and global grassroots networks for ongoing, global actions to free Julian Assange!

Whilst there is a plethora of Wikileaks and Assange related Facebook pages and groups in existence, these new groups’ focus will be exclusively on the organisation of solidarity actions designed to build an international movement of the youth and working class in defence of Julian Assange. We intend for them to remain focused on action planning.

An overarching Facebook page to promote actions for Assange also exists entitled Free Julian Assange Events.

If you are interested in setting up your own Facebook group om ClassConscious@protonmail.com 


Free Julian Assange Events

Aus Actions 4 Assange! 

Bulgarian Action 4 Assange!

Canadian Action 4 Assange!

German Action 4 Assange!

Greek Action for Assange!

Irish Action 4 Assange!

Nepalese 4 Julian Assange!

Slovenian Action 4 Assange!

U.S. Action 4 Assange! 

U.K. Action 4 Assange!

Polish Action 4 Assange!

Brazilian Action 4 Assange!

Global emergency actions at U.S. Embassies to protest Assange arrest – Sunday 14th April

This website has put the call out for Emergency mobilisations to occur globally outside  U.S. Embassies and Consulates (USA actions will be at US Political Buildings/Offices.) on the following Sunday of an eviction of Julian Assange from the Ecuadorean Embassy. (Suggested time 12PM) 

If there are no US Embassies or Consulates in your city you can choose another appropriate venue such as a Federal Senator or Rep, US Federal Buildings some other US government or quasi-official US organisation offices.

Protests have been confirmed so far in the following cities:

Melbourne: 12 PM U.S. Consulate, 553 St Kilda Rd
Sydney: 12.30 PM
U.S. Consulate, Martin Place

Dublin: 12 PM, U.S. Embassy, Elgin Rd, Dublin

Toronto: 12 PM, U.S. Embassy, 360 University Avenue.

United States
Wisconsin: 12 PM Capital Square, around the corner from Wisconsin State Capital.

New Zealand
Auckland:12 PM U.S. Consulate 23 CustomSt East
Wellington: 12 PM U.S. Embassy 29 Fitzherbert Terrace, Thorndon

Taipei: AIT Building

Only a massive and ongoing mobilisation of the youth and international working-class will generate the political force to prevent him disappearing into an American prison for life or worse. In many ways his extradition  signals the real start of this struggle. Protests have already been organised by other organisations since Julian’s arrest in Washington DC, Sydney, Melbourne, San Francisco and elsewhere.

The fight for Julian’s freedom is inseparable from the fight to defend a free press, democratic rights and the fight against censorship and against imperialist war.

If you want to find other people to organise with in your city or country, put a call out on the Free Julian Assange Events Facebook Page, or one of the Action 4 Assange country specific pages listed further down this article.

Create a Facebook event (or twitter post) or simply post the details of your event eg place and time and invite people to join you.

After your event please publicise your action on Facebook, Twitter or send details to ClassConscious@protonmail.com for us to distribute.

Here is link to higher resolution poster pdf files for professional printing: Paper, t-shirts, stickers, etc for those who wish to print of material for their protest.

 This is a revised call out from the one classconscious.org issued in August 2018. At the time we were advertising protests in specific cities but we have lost contact since then with some organisers, therefore it is now more practical for people in each city to take on advertising their own protests rather than centrally advertising them on this site. 


Aus Actions 4 Assange! 
Brazilian Action 4 Assange!
Bulgarian Actions 4 Assange!
Canberra Action 4 Assange

Canadian Actions 4 Assange!
French Action 4 Assange!
German Actions 4 Assange!
Irish Actions 4 Assange!
Nepalese 4 Julian Assange!
New Zealand Actions 4 Assange!
Polish Action 4 Assange!

Slovenian Actions 4 Assange! 
U.S. Actions 4 Assange!

Free Julian Assange!
Journalism is not a Crime!
#Free Press

Protests in nine countries held on Nov 4th to defend Assange

Another round of significant global actions occurred on November 4th as part of the international campaign to oppose the persecution of Julian Assange and defend democratic rights. In response to a call out made by classconscious.org protests occurred in nine countries: Australia, Slovenia, Ireland, NZ, U.S, Canada, Brazil, Taiwan and Nepal.

Photo of Taipei protest in Apple Daily

Perhaps the most significant protests occurred in Taipei. This was the first major protest for Assange in Taiwan. Organised by the new Taiwan Support Assange group. Around 25 protestors gathered outside the AIT (American Institute) which is the defacto U.S. Embassy in Taipei.  The protest was endorsed by a range of long time high profile Taiwanese human rights advocates such as Linda Arrigo, Mr. Cheng ZeCa,  the leadership of the Tree Party of Taiwan and the Taiwan Environmental Protection Union.

Police outside AIT in Taipei

Public protests in Taipei are not common and nervous authorities responded by sending more than 100 police from various agencies including some carrying riot gear. The protest achieved its aim of introducing the Chinese speaking public world to the way the U.S. and U.K. are bullying Assange. A veritable media scrum attended and there was an extensive report in the Apply Daily, the most read newspaper in Taiwan with a daily readership of over two million. A report was also broadcast on the Taiwanese digital news service Formosa television News (FTN). A report was also filed in the English language The News Lens.

Rio de Janeiro protest
Phillidelphia protest - WHYY Public Radio Office
Kathmandhu Protest
Melbourne Protest - U.S. Consulate
Ljubljana protest
Dublin Protest - U.S. Embassy
Canberra Protest - U.S. Embassy
Auckland - U.S. Embassy
Toronto protest

The protest was entitled “Turn up the heat on the U.S. Government” and a number of the protests occurred outside U.S. Embassies and Consulates. Events since November 4th have only confirmed the need for the international working class and youth to protest at the Trump Government’s persecution of Assange.

On Nov 16th, news broke that the assistant U.S. Attorney Kelln Dwyer had accidentally confirmed that a sealed U.S. indictment against Assange does exist. Details of the indictment were included supposedly by error in an unrelated case. It included two paragraphs that named Assange stating the sealing of an indictment was necessary “because… no other procedure is likely to keep confidential the fact that Assange has been charged.” It stated the charges must be kept secret until “Assange is arrested in connection with the charges in the criminal complaint and can therefore no longer evade or avoid arrest and extradition in this matter.”

This confirms the correctness of the claims by Assange that he needed to claim asylum in Ecuador or he would face extradition to the U.S. Whilst the attempts to get Assange to the U.S. via bogus charges from Sweden has lapsed, Assange if he left the British Embassy would be immediately arrested on bail related charges and then once in custody would be extradited to the U.S.

The charges in this indictment originated under the Obama Presidency which relentlessly pursued Assange from 2010 to 2016. However this persecution has continued under Trump despite his “I love Wikileaks” outbursts during the 2016 election. Under Trump, Wikileaks was labelled by Mike Pompeo then head of the CIA labelled Wikileaks a “hostile non-state intelligence agency”. Vice President Mike Pence travelled to Ecuador to bribe and threaten the new Government of Lenin Moreno to hand over Assange.

Trump himself on when asked on Nov 20th by a reporter outside the Whitehouse “Should Assange go free?”, ludicrously claimed “I don’t know anything about him. Really, I don’t know much about him. I really don’t.”.

Trump’s real position was revealed in earlier statements. In April 2017 Trump states “Its OK with me” if Assange is charged by the Justice Department. In fact going back as far as 2010 Trump repeatedly called for the death penalty for those responsible for the leaks of U.S. War crimes and State Department documents.

In this context and with the Moreno Government doing everything in its power to try and force Assange out of its London Embassy through isolating and removing his rights, it is crucial that the international protests by the working class and  youth for Assange continue. Classconscious.org has shown it is possible to mobilise coordinated protests for Assange across the globe but much more is needed in the future. In the event of worst case scenario, Emergency protests will be held outside U.S. Embassies immediately following any eviction of Assange.

Please contact classconscious.org if you would like to take part in organising a future protest in your city or town to defend Julian Assange, defend democratic rights and fight censorship. Journalism is not crime ! Workers of the world unite!


Turn up the heat on the U.S. Government – Protest Sunday November 4th for Julian Assange!

Classconscious.org is placing another call-out for workers and youth to rally to defend Julian Assange and turn up the heat on the U.S. Government on Sunday November 4th.  So far protests have been called for Sunday 4th of November in 9 cities: Auckland, Canberra,  Dublin, Kathmandu, Ljubljana, Melbourne, Philadelphia, Taipei, Toronto,! A protest in also be organised outside the Embassy in London by the WISE Up Action group on November 4th(Details for each protest can be found at the bottom of the article).

We are excited that people in Taipei are joining these global protests for Assange for the first time. Organisers are holding a protest/press conference outside the American Institute of Taiwan which operates as a defacto Embassy. Representatives of the Tree Party  have endorsed this protest .

Once again, the focus of these protests is the U.S. Government – headed by President Donald Trump – which is ultimately responsible for the ongoing persecution of Julian Assange. Just as his predecessor Obama, before him, the Trump government is pursuing its relentless efforts to arrest and extradite Assange – to put him on trial for Espionage. The U.S. Empire is determined that Assange and Wikileaks’ ongoing revelations about their war crimes, surveillance and political corruption be stopped forever and an example made of Julian Assange to other whistleblowers and publishers.

As the recent moves to strip Assange of his Ecuadorian citizenship show, the high-level conspiracy against him continues. Efforts are also being made to potentially indict Assange as part of the  Mueller investigation, centring on the baseless allegations that he worked with the Russians to help elect Trump.

It is envisioned that the November 4th global actions will be part of rolling global days of action held at regular intervals. November 4th also coincides with the next Unity4J Day of action.

There are also standing plans for Emergency protests if Julian Assange is evicted from the Embassy.

How to stay informed and get involved:
Join the Free Julian Assange Events Facebook page
1) Join an Action 4 Assange Facebook group.
2) Sign up for Email updates from classconscious. (Note: we also send out our new articles on other topics from our website in addition to campaign info).
3) Email classconscious.org at classconsciouswebsite@gmail.com if you want to start organising a protest in your city or country on November 4th. We can assist you with organising and publicising your protest.

Resources are available such as the awesome ‘Bean’ print-quality pdfs for Julian Assange banners, placards, leaflets, stickers, badges, etc made by Somerset Bean which can be obtained from his website.

We are also encouraging people to make banners and signs using the theme of ‘blowing the whistle’ on the U.S. Empire’s persecution of Assange by incorporating the image of whistles. You can also blow real whistles at your demonstration!

Only a massive mobilisation of the youth and international working-class will generate the political force necessary to  prevent Julian disappearing into an American prison for life or worse. The fight for Julian’s freedom is inseparable from the fight to defend democratic rights and the fight against censorship and against imperialist war.


Nov 4th – U.S. Embassy 23 Customs St East, 11 to 1 pm – Facebook Event

Nov 4th – U.S. Moonah Place, Yarralumla 11AM- Speak Out for Assange! – Journalism is not a crime!
Facebook Event – Media Statement

Nov 4th – U.S. Embassy, Ballsbridge 12 PM – Facebook Event – Facebook Event 

Details to be confirmed

Nov 4th, Park Zvezda, 12:00 PM

Nov 4th – U.S. Consulate 553 St Kilda Rd, 12 PM – Facebook Event

Nov 4th – WHYY, the headquarters of public radio in Philadelphia,  150 N 6th St, Philadelphia, 12 PM

Nov 4th, American Institute of Taiwan is: No. 7, Ln. 134, Sec. 3, Xinyi Rd., Da’an Dist. Taipei City, 2-4 PM

Nov 4th – Across the street from  U.S. consulate in parkette  at 360 University. 12 PM – Facebook Event

LONDON (Organised up WISE Up Action group)





United Public Workers for Action call public meeting – “The Attack On Julian Assange, Journalists, Democratic Rights, Labor & Imperialist War”

The California based United Public Workers for Action (UPWA) have called an important public meeting to hold a forum to discuss the persecution of Julian Assange in the broader framework of the attack on free speech and democratic rights more generally.

Classoncious.org fully endorses this meeting, and encourage the widest possible attendance where possible.

We eagerly await the release of a recording of this event through labour video, as has been the case with previous meetings and protests organised by this group.

From their announcement:

The Attack On Julian Assange, Journalists, Democratic Rights, Labor & Imperialist War

Sunday, September 23, 2018 10:30 AM
Niebyl Proctor Library
6501 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA

The effort by the US government to continue to attempt to arrest whistleblower and journalist Julian Assange is a threat to all labor, journalists and free speech rights. He has exposed the criminal activities of governments and corporate crooks as well as the corrupt Democratic party who manipulated the results of the primary in the last election. Governments, politicians and the billionaires who he has exposed want to shut him up to silence all whistleblowers and journalists.

This forum will look at the attack on Julian Assange as not only an attack on all democratic rights but also in terms of the growing crisis in capitalism and US imperialism. It will also look at the role of independent media in how the Julian Assange case is being covered.

Steve Zeltzer KPFA WorkWeek Radio KPFA
Nozomi Hayase, Journalist and Author
Anne Garrison, San Francisco Bayview and Black Agenda Report
Randy Credico, WBAI Radio Host and Journalist by Skype and WBAI
John Holmes, Retired member of CWA Pacific Media Workers Guild

Sponsored by Bay Area Free Julian Assange Action Committee BAFJAAC

For more information





Protests for Julian held in 16 cities! Join the next global protests to turn up the heat on the U.S. – November 4th.

With the call to TURN up the HEAT on the US Government – small but spirited protests occurred at only two weeks notice in 16 cities and across 5 continents on August 26th! The list included ; Adelaide, Auckland, Brisbane, Canberra, Kathmandu, Ljubljana, Los Angeles, Melbourne, New York, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Rio de Janeiro, Sydney, Toronto, Warsaw, Wellington.

These protests resulted from a call-out from classconscious.org to workers and youth for protests outside US Embassies, US Political Offices (and other locations) as part of building the international movement of the youth and working class that is needed to Free Julian Assange.

The call-out was answered and the brave stands of these pioneers of a nascent, global movement were very well-received and very widely shared on social media – inspiring many.

It is planned that we will hold global days of action at regular intervals with the next call out being Sunday November 4th (suggested time 12pm).

Classconscious.org is also facilitating Global Emergency Protests in the event that Julian is evicted from the London Ecuadorian Embassy – which might obviously affect any other protest timing.

How to get stay informed and get involved:
1) Join an Action 4 Assange Facebook group
2) Sign up for Email updates from classconscious. (Note: we also send out our new articles on other topics as well as campaign info)
3) Email classconscious.org if you want to start organising a protest in your city or country.


Photos of 26 Aug Protests :   Free Julian Assange Events FB Group


Here is the Portuguese to English translation of Astrid’s heartfelt speech from outside the Rio de Janeiro U.S. Consulate for the 26th August Global Protests NOW4Assange

Good afternoon, we are in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We are trying to inform the population around the world about the case of Julian Assange, who is close to being extradited to the United States, for a cause that is totally unfair. He has been in prison since 2012, for no reason, just for having divulged information that the United States thinks should be secret. But that information must be public, and everyone should know what is happening. Therefore, we are outside the United States embassy, showing that journalism must be free, information must circulate and Julian Assange can not continue in prison.

Here, the embassy staff is inviting us not to continue filming or taking pictures of their building, since we are on public land, as you can see, in the embassy’s path. This is another attempt to shut us up.”


The protest in Kathmandu conducted a picket outside the Australian, British and U.S. Embassies on August 26th. They presented each Embassy with a memo.

Protest NOW to defend Julian Assange! – Sunday 26th August

E48914CB-82B8-4CA5-9037-3AFF1E78CB82Protest NOW to defend Julian Assange! Turn up the Heat on the U.S. Government!

 Sunday 26th August at 12PM at
 U.S. Embassies, U.S. Consulates and Political Offices within the USA

18 Cities, 9 Countries and 5 Continents! – Adelaide, Auckland, Brisbane, Canberra, Kathmandu, Ljubljana, Los Angeles, Melbourne, New York, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Rio de Janeiro, Sydney, Toronto, Warsaw, Wellington, Santo Domingo (Ecuador), Veliko Tarnova (Bulgaria)– Add your city!

The time for protest is NOW! Julian is still currently locked down in total isolation from friends, family and supporters. The conspiracy between the U.S., British and Ecuadorian Government continues at the highest level to force J.A. from the London Ecuadorian Embassy and into custody to face extradition to the U.S. He may be evicted any day but we cannot wait indefinitely to mobilise again.
Classconscious.org calls on workers and youth in cities around the world to join, organise and attend protests on the 26th August as part of building the international movement of the youth and working class that is needed to Free Julian Assange.
NOW is the time to fight for Julian!
Negotiations are going on NOW between US, UK, Ecuador & Australia
STOP Julian being evicted from Ecuadorean Embassy NOW!

PROTECT Julian from US Extradition NOW!

Protests are now being held in sixteen cities around the world across four continents. If you would like to add your city to this call-out please email classconsciouswebsite@gmail.com and we can help you advertise and organise your protest publicity. Send a message or contact us via or Facebook page.

Bring your banners, placards and whistles to blow the whistle on U.S. Imperialism’s persecution of J.A.


Where: Steps of Parliament House, 12 PM
Facebook Event

Where: U.S. Consulate 23 Customs St. East 12 PM
Facebook Event

Where: King George Square 12 PM
Facebook Event

Front of Parliament House, Canberra 12 PM
Facebook Event

Where: U.S. Embassy Maharajgunj, Kathmandu
When: 10 AM (Note: Two hrs earlier)
Facebook Event

Where: U.S. Embassy Presernova 31 12PM
Facebook Event

N. Los Angeles & Aliso St (next to Federal Building)
When: 3.30PM
Facebook Event

Where: U.S. Consulate 553 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne, 12 PM.
Facebook event

Where: US Mission to United Nations, 799 United Nations Plaza 12 PM
Facebook Event

Where: Philadelphia City Hall 1400 John F. Kennedy Blvd 12 PM
Facebook event

Sen. John McCain Office 2201 East Camelback Rd 12 PM
Facebook Event

U.S. Consulate Av. Presidente Wilson, 147 – Castelo 12PM
Facebook Event

Avenida Quito (See Red Marker on Map) 12PM

Where: U.S. Consulate 19-29 Martin Place
When: 1 PM (Note: One hour later than other cities)
Facebook Event

Where: U.S. Consulate  360 University Avenue 12 PM
Facebook Event

Harbourside Market,corner of Cable St & Barnett St beside Te Papa.Museum 12PM
Facebook Event

U.S. Embassy Aleje Ujazdowskie 29/31 12PM
Facebook Event