The Dead End Of ‘Uniting’ With Fascists To Defend Julian Assange.

It is time for a few political truths. Donald Trump is a fascist, as are many of his key political backers and allies. His Government is whipping up hatred of immigrants to divide the U.S. working-class. This involves locking up thousands of immigrants including children in effective concentration camps where many experience sexual, physical and emotional […]

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The invisible empire : Why the United States is not seen as a “foreign” threat?

The mainstream press in Australia is replete with dramatic headlines warning of “foreign interference” in our political system and “foreign” powers in our region. These reports almost invariably refer to China. However, in Orwellian fashion the United States, the reckless military power destabilizing the Asia Pacific and constantly interfering in Australian Federal politics is rendered […]

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As the threat of World War 3 grows– where is the Australian anti-war movement?

In 2003, I marched with hundreds of thousands of Australians and millions around the world to stand against the invasion of Iraq. That was a war based on WMD lies. Fast forward 15 years and we stand on the precipice of another war based on WMD lies. This time it is a war that risks open […]

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Release Julian Assange!

By Davey Heller, 7th April 2018 After providing Julian Assange protection since 2012 in their Embassy in London, the Government of Ecuador since March 29th has imposed a complete communication blockade and placed him in virtual solitary confinement. Julian is living under these appalling conditions despite being granted citizenship of Ecuador and despite the fact […]

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Join the international fight against Internet censorship!

by Davey Heller, January 28th 2018 “Under the fraudulent cover of eliminating “fake news” and “Russian meddling,” the technological scaffolding of a 21st century capitalist police state is being erected”. This is the warning made by the WSWS as it launched its call out for the creation of the “International Coalition to fight Internet Censorship”. […]

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Build a Socialist Anti-war Movement!

“The present crisis is characterized by a terrible chasm between the scale of the danger of war and the absence of any organized movement against it. There is no way to stop the drive toward war outside of the politically conscious intervention of the working class within the United States and internationally.” – World Socialist […]

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