Russian Revolution Reading reading group to form proposes the formation of a wide socialist study/ discussion group to learn from the experience of the 1917 Russian Revolution.

To begin; we propose a read through and discussion of Ten Days that shook the world by John Reed, followed by a screening of Tsar to Lenin, and on to other materials.

During the first two months of 1917, Russia was still a Romanov monarchy. Eight months later the Bolsheviks stood at the helm. They were little known to anybody when the year began, and their leaders were still under indictment for state treason when they came to power. You will not find such a sharp turn in history – especially if you remember that it involves a nation of one hundred and fifty million people. It is clear that the events of 1917, whatever you think of them, deserve study.” – Leon Trotsky (1930)

Events have proved that without a party capable of directing the proletarian revolution, the revolution itself is rendered impossible. The proletariat cannot seize power by a spontaneous uprising.. ..It is high time we collected all documents, printed all available materials and applied ourselves to their study” – Leon Trotsky (1924)

The discussions shall be held via zoom, aiming to start sometime early June. Flexible on dates and times, to be finalised depending on the requirements of the participants.

To express interest please email

Continuing the HSC in 2020 favours the children of the rich.

The following is a submission sent anonymously to by a teacher in Australia. We welcome submissions from workers around the world. Please contact us at

So here is a thought. I work in a high school in which students are economically disadvantaged. It is an overwhelming working class population that draws from an area with higher than average unemployment levels, broken families, poorer income families and non-English speaking backgrounds. I love every one of them. But they need all the help they can get.

The decision today regarding the maintenance of the Higher School Certificate, has given me reason for thinking. Our kids cannot compete with the high achieving academic schools around the country. James Ruse Agricultural, North Sydney Girls etc. etc. etc. are always at the top of the “achievers” list when HSC awards are recognised. The students at these schools are more than capable of performing from home. They have the skills, background and support to undertake the necessary preparation for HSC success.

My students are not. As much as I love them, they need lots of support, teaching and encouragement that cannot be adequately transmitted via online platforms. They need to be in the classroom where teaching really occurs. So this leads me to thinking that the decision to maintain the HSC, while continuing online education, is going to further disadvantage my already disadvantaged students.

But being present in the classroom poses a life and death risk. Encouraging students to return to school poses a threat to their lives and to the lives of their families and loved ones. The lives of our students are not expendable. The lives of our students are precious. And that includes their lives and rights associated with education. However, it seems to me that any rational decision would suspend the HSC and allow students to learn freely, without external examinations, without the pressure of university or tertiary entry and moreover, to be fully protected in any decision that they wish to take.

The HSC is recognised as Australia’s or rather New South Wales’, highest secondary education award. But it is subordinate to the market conditions allowing students to attain a result which allows them to continue onto university study to pay exorbitant fees for the right to “learn”.  In other words, the subordination of the students’ lives, (i.e. the continuation of the HSC under pandemic conditions), to capitalist educational markets, takes precedence over the lives of students and teachers.

And here we see once again how the capitalist system makes it impossible for a free, liberal, and open human education to not only meet the aspirations of all students but protect the lives of those very stakeholders, including students, teachers and their families.

Rent strike poster website launched in build up to May Day global rent strike.

A website entitled “Global Rent Strike Posters” has been created dedicated to building working class solidarity across the world to demand a global end to rent payments, and the socialization of all rental housing stock. It provides posters and links from rent strikes in New Zealand (Aotearoa), Australia, United States (Boston, Columbus, North Carolina), Canada (Toronto, Montreal). The website has been launched in the build up to the May 1st (May Day) call out for a global rent strike.

Below is the text from home page of the website.
Visit www. globalrentstrikeposters to see all the posters.

In the space of a single month, the COVID19 pandemic has exposed the complete failure of global capitalism to provide basic human needs, including healthcare, employment, and housing.

The ruling class of the world, the capitalists, rapidly coordinated a series of responses to the pandemic, with the object of securing the capitalist system – not providing for basic human needs.

We can see this global coordination in the approach to rental housing –  state funds are being directed towards corporate landlords, not to tenants, in many of the advanced capitalist countries such as Canada, the USA and Australia.

If the interests of landlords and capitalists are being coordinated on a global scale, then the only way tenants can successfully fight back – even locally – is by coordinating our efforts globally. Only the international working class has the power.

But before we can coordinate, we have to know each other. This is why the Global Rent Strike Poster website to sharing Rent Strike posters and art from around the world was created. It is so that working people who are engaging in what can seem to be very localized struggles, in a single building, with a single landlord, or in a single neighbourhood, can know that they are not alone, and can have the strength to fight back not as individuals, but as a social class, with its own independent social interests.

Where possible, we have provided a link to the organization which created the poster or leaflet, or else the rent strike group in that local area.

You can send rent strike posters to

Ventilators versus missiles – the case for socialist planning.

by Pietro Mascetti

The resources of the world are limited. Whether they are natural, existing in the ground, the atmosphere, in the bodies of water or in life, they are finite and therefore their exploitation and use must be carefully planned and used in a sustainable and prioritised fashion.

Planning is the idea that decisions should be taken so that a priority to meet the most critical functions, is to be the first step in any allocation of resources. Remember that those natural and human resources are limited. This understanding is no doubt easily understood by many people right around the world. Its application today is of critical importance.

Ventilators are extremely important pieces of equipment. Today they are in increasing demand because of the pandemic; the exponential explosion of cases of COVID-19 sufferers and the destructive impact it has on the breathing and respiratory systems of human beings. Ventilators allow for oxygen to be delivered to those patients whose lungs are no longer able to obtain oxygen from the atmosphere, nor able to expire carbon dioxide from their lungs.

Medical workers wear protective suits to attend to people sickened by the novel coronavirus, in the intensive care unit of a designated hospital in Wuhan, China, on Feb. 6. (China Daily/Reuters)

These pieces of equipment combine several key elements that are manufactured. They use oxygen cylinders in which, gas is compressed. The compressors, or blowers are mechanical devices that project air outwards. Regulators are attached to the cylinders so that a healthy flow of oxygen is delivered to the patient in such a way that does not damage the patient’s lungs. Batteries are also needed to be able to power the ventilator. The modern-day ventilator is also attached to a computer processor, utilising electrical circuits, precious metals and silicon chips which perform the vital role of monitoring and regulating the mechanical apparatus.

All these resources, plus the expert human labour in extracting them, processing the manufactured parts and combining and assembling a fully functional ventilator are limited and finite. However, they are all necessary.

And yet, the world is severely lacking in ventilators. Now reflect on those metallic cylinders which contain vital oxygen. Cylinders are also used in the manufacture of arms and weapons of war. Missiles, bullets, grenades, drones and rockets all contain parts which could be used in the manufacturing of ventilators. Digital processing devices which are used to spy on the world’s population could be applied to developing hardware and software systems for ventilation and breathing apparatus. The labour force involved in the production of weapons of mass destruction could be a vital resource for medical equipment manufacturing and the promotion of life rather than death and destruction.

Raytheon Company factory producing its Small Diameter Bomb II, a seeker that uses millimeter wave radar, uncooled imaging infrared guidance and semi-active laser guidance to find its targets.

The point I am trying to make is that capitalism is incapable of meeting the needs of society. Drenched in blood, with fortunes made from war and barbaric imperialism, and the lack of profit from addressing the poor and their urgent medical needs; all driven by market considerations, has exposed the impossibility of addressing human need within its limits. Socialism would plan the world economy according to human need, free from private property, profit and nation states. Production would be planned, organised and resourced so that human protection and not its destruction, sit at the summit of the economic world. And the flowering of human culture would further add to the ability of human society to discover, learn and contribute to our understanding and treatment of deadly diseases such as COVID-19.

NSW Teachers Federation Council buries motion on Assange – a symptom of bureaucratic decline.

by Pietro Mascetti

The NSW Teachers Federation had its Council Meeting on March 14, 2020 in Sydney where it made pronouncements and recommendations on a number of issues that affect education in NSW and beyond. The motivation for this writer to attend was the passing of two motions in different NSWTF Associations. In February, two identical motions were passed at the Hills District Association and the Illawarra Teachers Association that demanded the Federal Government intervene directly to ensure the safe return of WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange, to Australia. It was hoped that the same motion would be passed by the Federation’s Council.

The Council Conference begins its business at 9am with an agenda that touches on many topics which impact on teachers’ conditions and the state of education for students in the public-school system in New South Wales. This observer witnessed the deliberations of the Council and could only conclude that this organisation is the not the vehicle for defence of education and teachers’ conditions.

Bureaucratic methods tend to be very effective tools in ensuring that some issues are never discussed and the politics of the establishment (in this case the NSWTF) exert a very strong bias for some issues and a conversely, a very strong bias against others.

The motion demanding Assange’s freedom made it to the document entitled “Motions From Associations”, however it failed to make it to the list of debated and discussed motions.  It garnered 16 votes from councillors but other motions received substantially more and therefore it was placed 10th position in a list of 14 and was never discussed. As it turned out, only 4 motions were discussed, debated and adopted.

While all of the issues that were raised in Motions from Associations have great importance and warrant, all of these exist in a context that is framed by the ongoing persecution and prosecution of Julian Assange, journalist and publisher. Defence of Julian Assange is defence of knowledge, publishing, journalism, information and education. Educators rely on transparent journalism, honest, courageous and reliable reporters and whistleblowers. But the failure of the Federation to promote either in the public domain or in its conference agendas, the case of Julian Assange, despite the growing support for the campaign as evidenced by the two recent Association motions, confirms that it is an organisation committed to the transmission of government attacks on teachers and the working class including the presentation of the truth to us all

The content of the other major motions discussed at the meeting bore out this political truth. One of the key items on the agenda, was a report on Deepening Membership, Community and Political Engagement, delivered by Angelo Gavrielatos, President of the NSWTF. He identified a decline in membership and more importantly, a decline in density of Federation members at schools across the state, as of a major concern for the long-term viability of the union. Federation membership shrunk between December 2019 and February 2020 by 2.3%, declining from over 60 000 to just over 59 000 over that two-month interval.  There is no doubt that historical trends on union coverage in schools, what the Federation calls “density” has been in decline for years now. However, if Gavrielatos and the Federation were looking to reverse this trend, judging by the level of discussion and the resolutions adopted at the council, this downward trend will continue.

A case in point is the report and discussion which occurred over a latest attack on Education and teaching by the leader of the NSW One Nation Party, Mark Latham. You may remember him as the former leader of the Australian Labor Party and once upon a time, Education Spokesman for Labor on Education. He has authored a report that can only be described as an assault on teachers, public education and the students who attend those schools. Some of the more egregious elements of Latham’s attack on public education include publishing “league tables” of school test results, paying teachers’ salaries based on student performance and setting prescribed targets for schools set by politicians and bureaucrats.

 But the irony is that the Federation, in actions more than words, has been complicit with Labor and Liberal governments in implementing such attacks on teachers over the last ten years at least. For example, in 2012, the Federation agreed with the Government to implement a Local Schools Local Decisions framework for public schools in New South Wales. One of the implications for such a framework was that adequately staffing schools was removed from the central authority to individual schools. Principals were able to determine who was employed at the school which made the process susceptible to favouritism and other forms of discrimination. Local Schools Local Decisions’ central goal was to reduce the expenditures on teachers’ salaries and increase the proportion of casual and temporary teachers who work in the public system. But the Federation agreed to this back in 2012. Today, many schools are staffed by casual teachers who do not seek to “rock the boat” for fear of losing their job. But one thing is clear, tenure as it existed, no longer exists to the extent that previous generations enjoyed. Latham’s attack is just an extension of what Federation has agreed with the Department. 

None of these arguments were made by the mover of the motion, Amber Flohm. In fact, when an amendment to the motion was made, calling for a ban on NAPLAN, she rejected it, claiming, “It is not helpful to have a side debate on NAPLAN”.

But if one were seeking to meet the needs of teachers, to increase the participation of teachers in the Federation,, one would reasonably claim that NAPLAN should be banned, because it is allowing a tool to be used to further attack education and teachers’ salaries, for which Latham’s Report is just the latest attempt.

It should also be noted that Latham was a member of the Australian Labor Party. This is important in this context because, Geoff Gallop, former Western Australia Labor Premier, was invited to address the Federation because the latter has set up what is known as the Independent Inquiry into Teaching. Remember that Gallop and Latham were part of the same political party, only a decade or so ago. To have a former Labor Premier, address the Federation Council, is the height of hypocrisy, given that Labor has been central to the attacks on education for more than 30 years. However, I doubt that such reflections are taking place in the corridors of the Federation, given that it has been the vehicle for transmitting the attacks teachers’ conditions and public education. The irony is that such attacks have been the reason why so many teachers have left the union and are unlikely to ever return.

In light of the failure of the NSW Federation Teachers Council to debate the motion on Assange is not the end of the campaign to organise teachers in his defence. The motions by the Illawara and Hills District Association should be catalyst for other Associations to move similar motions. Teachers in Melbourne have also moved motions calling for the defence of Assange. The fight to defend teachers industrially cannot be separated from the broader political struggle to defend the rights of the working class.

Motion moved in defence of Julian Assange at Illawarra Teachers Association Meeting in Wollongong, Australia

The movement of rank and file teachers in Australia organising defence of Julian Assange continued to grow when teacher Pietro Mascetti moved a motion at the Illawarra Teachers Association Meeting on February 24th. The meeting was held in Wollongong, in the region of Illawarra, which is a coastal region to the south of Sydney. The Association is part of the NSW Teachers Federation (NSWTF) which covers both Primary and Secondary Teachers. The motion was passed unanimously by the approximately thirty teachers present.

The motion was identical to the motion recently moved by Erika Laslett of the SEP and passed by the Hills Association of the NSWTF. Teachers at Footscray Secondary College in Melbourne have also passed motions.

The Illawarra Teachers Association motion read:

“That this meeting of teachers opposes the ongoing persecution of journalist publisher and founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange and courageous whistleblower, Chelsea Manning. The UN Special Rapporteur on Torture, Nils Melzer, warns specifically that “Assange’s continued exposure to arbitrariness and abuse may soon end up costing his life.”

We insist that the federal Morrison government uses its diplomatic powers to organise the safe return of Assange to Australia. We resolve to send this resolution to other schools and workplaces.”

Before the motion was moved, Pietro made the following introductory comments to the union members in attendance:

I am moved to raise critical discussion and the resolution above because a great travesty of justice is being committed which has extremely serious consequences for teachers, for our children and for the world. We are in the business of educating; of informing our students and developing critical thinking attitudes, all of which are being attacked in the persecution of Julian Assange, whose trial for extradition to the United States has begun today in London.

These are but some of the many reasons why Julian Assange needs our active support and why he is being cruelly and inhumanely persecuted:

1. Julian Assange created WikiLeaks that published war crimes atrocities, sent to him by currently imprisoned former US soldier, Chelsea Manning, committed by US soldiers in Iraq, particularly the video entitled Collateral Murder that reveals wanton murder by US forces on Iraqi civilians, including children and journalists. The murderers are free. Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning are not.

2. JA and WikiLeaks revealed the extent of the subversion of due process in the Guantanamo Bay Camp Delta Standard Procedure files in which the US government knew that many prisoners there were innocent and yet still held them incommunicado (unknown to anyone else) including the Red Cross.

3. Julian Assange and WikiLeaks revealed, through the DNC Podesta emails, the extent of the corruption in the Democratic Party primaries of the 2016 Presidential election cycle in which the criminal and corrupt process of rigging an election was exposed through the murdered Seth Rich and Julian Assange. Seth is dead and Julian Assange is in prison. Hilary Clinton is both free and rich.

Julian Assange was awarded Australian journalism’s highest honour, the Walkley Prize for his publications. He has committed no crime but has exposed crimes of the rich and powerful.

If he were to be extradited to the United States, he would not receive a fair trial simply because some have called for his murder, including Hilary Clinton. Also, since his persecution, many other journalists have been murdered, arrested, charged and their sources, including the amazingly principled Chelsea Manning, persecuted or killed. Annieka Smethurst, Dan Oakes, Sam Clark, Glenn Greenwald, Max Blumenthal, Daphne Caruana Galizia, have all been arrested, investigated and persecuted for revealing crimes of governments. The task of journalism, which is a source for us as educators, is to tell the truth. The truth is powerful but it is being criminalised. Honest journalism is being destroyed and the precedent set in this period is the persecution of Julian Assange.

After the passing of the motion the Association Treasurer suggested that the motion be forwarded to Federation News and other channels in the NSWTF.

This important initiative must be built on, not just be other educators but by workers in other sectors of the working class. Julian Assange himself encouraged workers to form blocs in their unions. (The letter can be seen in the top image in article).

Read the full call out for “Workers for Assange” on Independent Australia here.

Join the Facebook Page “Workers of Assange” and help build the international working class movement that will Free Julian Assange!

Picture of Teachers at Hills Association of the NSWTF passing a motion in defence of Assange

Workers for Assange: Uniting to fight for Assange’s freedom

The following call out for workers around the world to unite and join a “Workers for Assange” written by Davey Heller was published by Independent Australia on February 21st 2020. Independent Australia have published several articles of Davey’s on Julian Assange and are strong supporters of Assange and the struggle for democratic rights.
Read the full article here at Independent Australia.

IN A TIME of deepening capitalist crisis, just as in the 1930s, the ruling class is turning to fascism and dictatorship. Fascism requires crushing working class resistance to succeed.

The fascist in the White House, Donald Trump, is leading a global attack on the rights of the working class with his persecution of Julian Assange. The “defend Assange” campaign is correctly characterised as being a free speech campaign, but it must also be seen as part of the class struggle and the working-class fightback against the threat of fascism.

This is why the launch of the Workers for Assange movement is necessary. Today the war on journalism is the spearhead of what is really a class war and Julian Assange is a class war prisoner. Without access to journalism which tells the truth about the crimes of imperial power, without the fundamental right to know the truth, all the rights of the working class won in struggle over a century are existentially threatened.

At root, the fight to free Julian Assange must be seen as an industrial struggle. Therefore, only the international working class organised in the fight to free Julian Assange has the social power to win his freedom — another reason why this movement is necessary.

Julian Assange himself has called for industrial organising in his defence. In early November 2019, one of the few letters from Julian Assange that managed to break through the cruel information blockade inflicted by Belmarsh Prison emerged. The letter sent to a supporter in France encouraged workers to form “blocs” in their unions.

Julian’s letter read:

‘Dear Anne-Marie, you ask what you can do to fight for my freedom? Use your strongest skills, friends, resources and associations. If you are a nurse, gather nurses, create a bloc in the nurses union, etc! JPA.’

The import of Julian urging workers to organise industrially in his defence cannot be overstated. It reveals that Julian himself understands that only a mass movement of the working class can unleash the power needed to free him. 

Marxists define the working class as everyone who has to survive by earning a wage — for instance, by selling their labour. This is the vast majority of humanity who all share the same social interests of wanting access to good working conditions, democratic rights, safe and stable housing, healthcare, education and a clean environment. The working class is therefore not just “blue-collar” or factory workers, but teachers, nurses, retail workers, people in the service industry and so on.

There have already been the stirrings of a working-class orientated campaign to free Julian. Out of the Yellow Vest movement, who have been bravely marching against social equality – literally under police fire in France for over a year – has grown a contingent of Yellow Vests organising on Facebook who has now travelled to London three times to protest for Assange. Most significantly on 25 January, over a hundred Yellow Vests brought their militant spirit of resistance to Belmarsh.

Workers have also organised in professional “blocs”. This includes the very effective Doctors for Assange. Over a hundred doctors globally have signed an open letter demanding that Julian be immediately moved out of prison to a hospital setting where he can recover his health. Journalists have also collaborated in the Speak Up For Assange open letter, now signed by over 1,000 journalists. Ranks and file teachers in Melbourne and Sydney have passed motions in support of Assange. Motions have been passed by unionists in the San Francisco Labor Council and Pacifica Media Guild in the U.S. This must be built on.


To take this fight forward, workers around the world can join a new campaign entitled Workers for Assange. Whilst unions are a major focus of this campaign, the reality is that not all workers are in unions. It must also be recognised that this struggle must be waged by ordinary workers as union bureaucracies have either been silent or made no more than token gestures. No union has sought to seriously mobilise its members through protests, strikes or even a stop-work meeting. 

1. Join the Workers for Assange Facebook group

Whilst Facebook is a platform that is owned by an oligarch, is politically censored and can be a vehicle for surveillance, it is also one of the most effective organising tools available for workers globally. It has been utilised to organise Yellow Vest protests, wildcat strikes and innumerable political struggles. That is why as part of the launch of Workers for Assange, a Facebook group has been created for workers to discuss ways the working class can be mobilised to free Assange. 

2. Start a specific workers bloc.

Follow Julian’s advice. If you are a nurse, start a nurses bloc. If you are a teacher, start a teachers bloc. Once again, starting a Facebook group would be a good place to start this process. 

3. Pass a motion within your unionised or non-unionised workplace.

Just as teachers have done in Australia, move a motion in your workplace or union branch to defend Assange. 

These motions are stepping stones to action, such as the calling of stop-work meetings, mobilising workers for protests and ultimately political general strikes across borders. Whilst aiming at strikes for Assange might sound overly ambitious, there are already political general strikes breaking out around the world. This includes the general strike in France against cuts to the pension and the general strikes and mass protests in Chile which began with small student protests against public transport fare hikes.

The demand to free Assange would not be the only demand of such a strike but it could be a spark for such a broader movement. If the U.S. and its accomplices in the UK and Australian Government were not concerned about the potential for this campaign to spark a broad political struggle they would not be trying so hard to slander Assange and prosecute this outrageous case in the dark. 

4. Adopt the Yellow Vest as the symbol of protest for Assange.

By wearing the Yellow Vest you are not only being inspired by the spirit of resistance of our French comrades but we are also connecting the Assange campaign to the broader international struggle against inequality and repression. Buy a Yellow Vest and write ‘free Julian Assange’ on the back and/or stencil Julian’s face like protesters in France and Melbourne have done. Let’s make this our international symbol of resistance.

5. Use your associations.

Workers are not only found in workplaces but belong to many associations. Most university students are also waged workers. Some are in political parties or other community organisations. As Julian suggested, organise in these places, too. Labor Party branches in the UK and Greens branches in Australia have begun to pass motions. People have moved motions in Australia at a local council level. Such actions are powerful in building a movement that involves the widest possible layers of the working class.

It’s time to take the campaign to free Julian Assange to the next level. The courts and politicians in the UK must be compelled to free Assange. Join the Workers For Assange Facebook group and start organising. There is no time to waste. Workers must unite for Assange.

“Appeler les choses par leur nom” : Les “démagogues fascistes engagés” qui n’ont pas leur place dans une campagne pour défendre Julian Assange.

par Davey Heller. Il s’agit de la traduction en français d’un article du 20 octobre 2018.

La montée du fascisme à l’échelle mondiale, constitue une menace mortelle pour la classe ouvrière internationale. La lutte contre cette menace est indissociable de la campagne plus large contre la tendance à la guerre mondiale et à la censure d’Internet. Le creuset de cette campagne est la défense de Julian Assange.

C’est pourquoi a pris position – que les personnalités d’extrême droite, fascistes et médiatiques ne devraient pas être mises en avant aux côtés des orateurs progressistes lors des vigiles mensuelles en ligne #Unity4J pour défendre Julian Assange.

Nous rejetons la perspective selon laquelle “l’unité est l’acte de résistance ultime” quand cela signifie se tenir aux côtés de ceux qui aident à cultiver une base fasciste mortelle aux États-Unis et dans le monde. Les personnes que nous avons critiquées sont Cassandra Fairbanks, Lee Stranahan, Ross Cameron, H.A. Goodman et Jack Posobiec.

Leon Trotsky, un leader de la révolution russe et le principal opposant au stalinisme, a souligné la nécessité politique “d’appeler les choses par leur nom”. Ces personnes ne sont pas des “journalistes indépendants” qui défendent les droits démocratiques, mais des “démagogues fascistes engagés” qui travaillent pour une partie de la classe dirigeante afin de construire un mouvement fasciste de masse.


Le fascisme apparaît en période de crise capitaliste. Le chaos économique qui a suivi la première guerre mondiale et qui a conduit à la Grande Dépression a donné naissance au fascisme européen. Il a d’abord pris le pouvoir en Italie avant de s’étendre à d’autres pays, dont le plus désastreux pour le monde, l’Allemagne.

Un manifestant néo-nazi lors des récentes manifestations d’extrême droite à Chemnitz, en Allemagne

Aujourd’hui, après la crise financière mondiale (GFC) de 2008 et l’aggravation de la crise capitaliste de ce siècle, le fascisme fait à nouveau son apparition. Des partis fascistes sont au pouvoir en Ukraine, aux Philippines, en Hongrie, en Pologne, en Autriche et en Italie. Ils sont en hausse en France, au Brésil, en Allemagne, en Suède, au Danemark, aux Pays-Bas, dans les pays baltes, en Croatie, en Slovaquie, en République tchèque et, surtout, aux États-Unis, avec à leur tête le fasciste Donald Trump.

Dans un contexte d’inégalités croissantes et de menace de guerre mondiale, on ne peut plus compter sur les mécanismes “normaux” pour empêcher la classe ouvrière d’entrer dans la lutte révolutionnaire.

Une fois de plus, la classe dirigeante (en crise) a besoin d’un mouvement pour empêcher la révolution socialiste. Le fascisme est une idéologie dont l’objectif spécifique de classe est de développer un mouvement de masse qui peut installer un gouvernement dictatorial pour écraser la classe ouvrière et ouvrir la voie à une guerre totale.

Ce mouvement ne naît pas spontanément. Il doit être cultivé en répandant la saleté du racisme, du nationalisme extrême, de la xénophobie et du militarisme auprès de la petite bourgeoisie (classes moyennes) et des éléments de la classe ouvrière désorientée. États de Trotsky : “De cette façon, le grand capital ruine les classes moyennes et ensuite, avec l’aide de démagogues fascistes engagés, incite la petite bourgeoisie désespérée contre l’ouvrier”.

Le fascisme ne peut trouver un public qu’en raison de la crise du leadership de la gauche. Depuis les années 1970, la classe ouvrière a été trahie par les partis sociaux-démocrates du monde entier, comme les démocrates aux États-Unis et leurs partenaires des syndicats. Il y a un manque de leadership révolutionnaire de gauche dans le monde entier. C’est pourquoi les démagogues fascistes trouvent un public si réceptif.


Alors que les “démagogues fascistes engagés” de l’époque de Trotsky utilisaient les outils de la radio, du cinéma et de la presse écrite, l’extrême droite d’aujourd’hui utilise pleinement les sources médiatiques en ligne, y compris les médias sociaux.

Il s’agit notamment des “médias d’information” en ligne d’extrême droite qui sont financés par les ultra-riches et aussi de l’utilisation des médias sociaux comme Facebook et Twitter. Ces plateformes médiatiques en ligne ont été utilisées avec succès pour “intégrer” les idées d’extrême droite et aider à l’élection de Donald Trump.

Les “journalistes” que nous avons nommés : Stranahan, Fairbanks, Cameron, Goodman et Posobiec, sont en fait tous des personnalités de premier plan qui se sont immergées dans cet écosystème en ligne d’extrême droite que sont les sites web et les plateformes de médias sociaux.

Le simple fait d’énumérer les suivis de ces individus dans les médias sociaux permet de situer leur influence dans un certain contexte.

Lee Stranahan – Les 83.3K adeptes de Twitter

Cassandra Fairbanks – Twitter 154K followers

Jack Pobeseic – 378K followers sur Twitter

H.A. Goodman – Twitter 28.6K Youtube 117 988 abonnés

Ross Cameron – Les 16.4K adeptes de Twitter

L’étiquetage “classconscient” de ces journalistes comme fascistes de droite a été rejeté avec véhémence par la direction de #Unity4J. Un examen de leurs antécédents respectifs confirme toutefois pleinement nos affirmations

Lee Stranahan qui a participé à de nombreuses veillées #Unity4J

Lee Stranahan, qui a participé à toutes les veillées de #Unity4J depuis juin, est décrit sur le site web de #Unity4J comme “Journaliste, radiodiffuseur, faultlines”. #Unity4J, ne fait référence qu’à son dernier concert à l’agence de presse Spoutnik. Cependant, Stranahan, jusqu’en mars 2017, était le reporter principal d’investigation du site d’extrême droite Breitbart News. Stranahan a travaillé pour Breitbart News de façon ponctuelle de 2010 à 2017.

L’influence de Breitbart News dans l’intégration de l’agenda d’extrême droite est difficile à surestimer. Co-fondé par Andrew Breitbart et Steve Bannon en 2007, Breitbart News est devenu encore plus influent lorsque Bannon a pris la direction de la rédaction en 2012 (à la mort d’Andrew Breitbart). Bannon a fièrement déclaré en 2016 que “nous sommes la plateforme des droits de l’homme”. En janvier 2016, recevait 17 millions de visites mensuelles et était le site d’extrême droite le plus populaire sur le net.

Le site World Socialist Website résumait ainsi la politique de Breitbart News et de Bannon

Sous la direction de Bannon, Breitbart News émettait un flux constant de saletés antisémites, antimusulmanes et de conspiration d’extrême droite. La décision de Trump de faire entrer Bannon à la Maison Blanche a été célébrée par l’ancien chef du Ku Klux Klan, David Duke. “Il semble que nous ayons pris le relais”, a déclaré Duke à un interviewer.

Bien que Stranahan puisse minimiser ses liens avec Breitbart News lorsqu’il apparaît sur les veilles en ligne de #Unity4J, il est loin d’avoir honte de son association. Pas plus tard que le 6 octobre, afin de solliciter des dons de ses partisans d’extrême droite, Stranahan a tweeté qu’Andrew Breitbart avait déclaré que travailler avec lui était “la meilleure expérience professionnelle de sa vie”. Quant à son autre employeur chez Breitbart News, Stranahan a déclaré : “J’aime Bannon“.

Steve Bannon et Andrew Breitbart incarnent la trinité impie de l’Amérique des affaires et de l’actuelle Maison Blanche Trump, et la façon dont ils travaillent ensemble pour construire une base fasciste.

Steven Bannon lui-même est un ancien militaire, ancien banquier d’affaires de Goldman Sachs. Bannon a été le PDG de la campagne électorale de Trump et a été le stratège en chef de la Maison Blanche jusqu’en août 2017.

Trump et Steve Bannon.

Bannon a contribué à ce que le milliardaire Robert Mercer, gestionnaire de fonds spéculatifs, finance Breitbart News à hauteur de 10 millions de dollars. La fille de Robert Mercer, Rebekah Mercer, joue toujours un rôle actif dans Breitbart News. Les Mercer ont fait don de dizaines de millions de dollars à la campagne républicaine en 2016 et ont soutenu Donald Trump. La récompense de Rebekah Mercer a été un rôle dans le processus de sélection du cabinet réactionnaire de Trump.

Les Mercer, aux côtés d’autres milliardaires qui soutiennent Trump, soutiennent son programme de destruction des services sociaux, de réduction des impôts sur les sociétés et de guerre impériale. Ils comprennent le type de mouvement politique nécessaire pour mettre en œuvre un programme aussi impopulaire et anticlasse ouvrière.

Ce sont ces forces qui ont dirigé et financé Breitbart News et payé les salaires de Stranahan pendant sept ans.

Un tweet du fondateur de Gateway Pundit, Jim Hoft, dans la salle de presse de la Maison Blanche avec Lucian Wintrich.

Cassandra Fairbanks est simplement décrite comme une “journaliste” sur le site web #Unity4J. Les salaires de Fairbanks sont payés par Jim Hoft, le fondateur de The Gateway Pundit, un autre “site d’information” d’extrême droite très connu qui a contribué à la construction d’une base fasciste aux États-Unis et qui a également soutenu Trump en 2016. Fairbanks a également travaillé auparavant pour Big League Politics, un site d’information d’extrême droite fondé par d’anciens employés de Breitbart.

Cassandra Fairbanks et Mike Cernovich.

Fairbanks a figuré en bonne place dans les vigiles de #Unity4J, tout récemment le 6 octobre. Fairbanks s’est rendu célèbre dans les médias sociaux en tant que soi-disant militant de gauche, soutenant Black Lives Matters et Bernie Sanders, avant de devenir, lors des élections de 2016, un partisan enthousiaste de Trump et MAGA.

Fairbanks a été politiquement et personnellement lié à des personnalités de haut niveau, suprémacistes blancs et d’extrême droite. Elle a essayé sans succès d’utiliser les tribunaux pour faire supprimer une photo d’elle donnant un symbole nationaliste blanc dans la salle de presse de la Maison Blanche aux côtés d’une figure de la haute droite, Mike Cernovich. Fairbanks a également soutenu le parti fasciste allemand “Alternative für Deutschland”.

Cameron sur Sky News approuvant Trump.

Ross Cameron a participé à de multiples veillées #Unity4J, dont la plus récente a eu lieu le 6 octobre. Il est décrit par #Unity4J comme “animateur de télévision, Sky News Australia”.

Cette description occulte le fait que Cameron est un ancien politicien du parti libéral et un réactionnaire islamophobe, homophobe et sceptique du climat renommé qui travaille pour la version australienne de Fox News de Rupert Murdoch.

Cameron est essentiellement un appendice australien de MAGA. Il a fait participer Donald Trump à son émission et, le soir des élections de 2016, il a aidé à organiser une célébration des “Trump’s Aussie Mates”. Ross Cameron est également apparu aux côtés de l’ex-Breitbart News et de la figure de proue Milo Yiannopoulos lors de sa tournée en Australie.

Rupert Murdoch and Trump

Que Rupert Murdoch ait donné à un tel chiffre une position médiatique de haut niveau n’est pas surprenant. Comme l’indique le site web du parti socialiste mondial :

L’empire médiatique de Murdoch, avec des médias tels que Fox News, soutient de manière importante la campagne “America First” du président Donald Trump visant à restaurer l’hégémonie du capitalisme américain après la Seconde Guerre mondiale et à cultiver un mouvement d’extrême droite pour détourner le mécontentement croissant de la classe ouvrière dans des directions nationalistes et xénophobes.

Jack Posobiec et le fondateur des Proud Boys, Gavin McInnes.

Jack Posobiec, qui est apparu lors de la première vigile de #Unity4J en juin, est décrit sur le site web de #Unity4J comme un “journaliste, activiste conservateur“. En réalité, Posobiec est un ancien officier de renseignement de la marine qui travaille maintenant pour la chaîne de télévision câblée d’extrême droite pro-Trump, un média – One American News Network (OAN) appartenant à un homme d’affaires millionnaire, Jack Herring. Posobiec a fait la promotion de la théorie de la conspiration de la pizza, selon laquelle des démocrates très en vue dirigent un réseau de prostitution enfantine dans un restaurant de pizzas de Washington.

L’utilisation de cet écosystème en ligne pour faire avancer la politique américaine encore plus à droite a été très consciente. Ce n’est pas par hasard que Steve Bannon a contribué à la création de Cambridge Analytica, qui s’est avéré être en train de récolter des données sur Facebook pour aider à l’élection de Trump. Cambridge Analytica est également détenue en partie par l’ami de Bannon mentionné ci-dessus, le milliardaire Robert Mercer.

L’extrême droite étudie scientifiquement comment diffuser ses idées et son influence tout en contournant les traditionnels gardiens de la presse grand public et des partis bourgeois. Cela fait écho à l’exploitation pionnière des données démographiques par le parti nazi allemand pour cibler la propagande au début des années 1930. L’utilisation continue de Twitter par Trump est une autre manifestation de cette stratégie. Les journalistes de #Unity4J que nous avons nommés font partie de ce projet d’extrême droite.


Une autre caractéristique du fascisme est la constitution de forces paramilitaires qui peuvent être utilisées pour infliger la violence et la terreur à leurs opposants de la classe ouvrière. Comme les Chemises noires italiennes et les Chemises brunes allemandes avant elles, de telles forces se développent dans le cadre de la menace du fascisme aux États-Unis. Ce phénomène a explosé dans la conscience du public avec le rassemblement “Unite the Right” à Charlottesville en 2017. Des milices lourdement armées ont été autorisées par la police à envahir les rues, la droite s’étant jointe à des néo-nazis pour mener une émeute fasciste qui a culminé avec le meurtre de la manifestante antiraciste Heather Heyer.

Militia at Unite the Right, 2017.

Aux États-Unis, les groupes de suprématie blanche tuent beaucoup plus de gens que tout autre groupe, y compris le croque-mitaine des “extrémistes islamiques”, officiellement promu.

La fusion de ces forces violentes avec le mouvement MAGA a pu être constatée lors de l’événement “Unite the Right 2” à Washington, où un petit groupe de fascistes, dont beaucoup portaient leur casquette “Make America Great Again”, ont protesté avec la protection totale de l’appareil de sécurité de l’État “Homeland”.

Gavin McInnes et ses Proud Boys.

Les Proud Boys, dirigés par le co-fondateur de Vice Media – Gavin McInnes, sont un autre gang fasciste MAGA/Pro-Trump. Ce montage vidéo montre McInnes incitant à la violence. Il a incité ses adeptes à étrangler, frapper, tirer et tuer des gauchistes, des transexuels et tout autre adversaire. McInnes a déclaré : “Je veux de la violence, je veux des coups de poing dans le visage. Je suis déçu par les partisans de Trump qui ne donnent pas assez de coups de poing”.

Cassandra Fairbanks défend McInnes comme un “bon gars” dans le Tweet du 22 octobre.

Les Proud Boys établissent désormais des liens directs avec le parti républicain. Le 12 octobre, Gavin McInnes a prononcé un discours au Metropolitan Republican Club à Manhattan. Devant la police, à l’extérieur de l’événement, il a agité un katana devant les manifestants de l’ANTIFA et, à l’intérieur, il a reconstitué l’assassinat au couteau d’un politicien socialiste japonais, qui s’est produit en direct à la télévision en 1960. Proud Boys a été filmé après l’événement en train d’agresser des manifestants antifascistes.

Certains des intervenants d’extrême droite sur #Unity4J sont directement associés à ces violents voyous. Par exemple, en janvier 2018, Mike Cernovich a organisé une “Nuit pour la liberté” à Manhattan, où Jack Posobiec a parlé aux côtés de Gavin McInnes. Cassandra Fairbanks était également présente et est une ardente partisane de Gavin McInnes (voir image de droite).


La culture du fascisme sert les intérêts du capital financier américain dans des conditions de crise capitaliste au niveau national et mondial. Au niveau national, la seule façon de maintenir les profits est de mettre en œuvre des politiques d’extrême austérité, ce qui nécessite un gouvernement de dictature totale. Au niveau international, le capital financier américain doit également dominer et soumettre ses concurrents capitalistes, ce qui nécessite un gouvernement capable de mettre en œuvre des politiques de guerre totale. Une dictature à l’intérieur du pays est alors également nécessaire pour supprimer l’inévitable mouvement de la classe ouvrière contre la guerre.

Trotsky a résumé la nécessité pour le fascisme de se projeter dans le monde :

Les forces productives sont en contradiction irréconciliable non seulement avec la propriété privée mais aussi avec les frontières nationales de l’État. L’impérialisme est l’expression même de cette contradiction. Le capitalisme impérialiste cherche à résoudre cette contradiction par une extension des frontières, la saisie de nouveaux territoires, etc. L’État totalitaire, qui soumet tous les aspects de la vie économique, politique et culturelle au financement du capital, est l’instrument de la création d’un État super-nationaliste, d’un empire impérialiste, de la domination des continents, de la domination du monde entier.

Les mêmes forces de classe qui tentent de construire une base de masse pour le fascisme aux États-Unis cultivent également le fascisme dans le monde entier pour faire avancer les intérêts de l’empire impérialiste américain. Le plan consiste à installer des gouvernements d’extrême droite dans le monde entier pour supprimer leurs propres classes ouvrières et s’aligner sur les objectifs géopolitiques des États-Unis. En effet, certains des “journalistes indépendants” de #Unity4J sont liés à ce projet mondial.

Steve Bannon, l’ancien patron de Breitbart de Stranahan, a créé une organisation appelée “The Movement” pour aider les partis d’extrême droite au niveau international. Il a rencontré Marine Le Pen en France, Victor Orban en Hongrie et l’AfD en Allemagne. Il conseille actuellement le fasciste brésilien Jair Bolsonaro. La société de données de Bannon, Cambridge Analytica, a également aidé l’extrême-droite Nigel Farrage et la campagne de Brexit.

(g-d) Cassandra Fairbanks, Petr Bystron (AfD) , Steve King (républicain) et Jim Hoft au Gateway Eagle Council.

L’employeur de Cassandra Fairbank a également été occupé à promouvoir le fascisme au niveau international. En septembre, The Gateway Pundit a co-organisé le Gateway Eagle Council XLVII avec le groupe de pression archi-conservateur, l’Eagle Forum. Décrit à juste titre par le magazine Nation comme “Davos pour les fascistes”, le forum a réuni des médias d’extrême droite, des militaires, des personnalités religieuses et politiques des États-Unis. Cassandra Fairbanks elle-même, est apparue au nom de The Gateway Pundit dans un panel intitulé “Women Warriors”.

Fait significatif, le forum comprenait des représentants du fascisme européen. Parmi eux figurait Petr Bystron, qui est un parlementaire de l’Alternative für Deutschland (AfD). L’AfD est le parti fasciste qui est maintenant l’opposition officielle en Allemagne. Petr Bystron a déclaré que l’Islam n’avait pas sa place en Allemagne et a défendu l’utilisation de la force mortelle à la frontière allemande contre les immigrants. L’AfD a contribué à créer l’atmosphère qui a récemment vu des milliers de néo-nazis défiler à Chemnitz pour saluer les nazis, pourchasser les immigrés et attaquer un restaurant juif. Le leader de l’AfD, Alexander Gauland, a récemment écrit un article sur un discours d’Adolf Hitler de 1933 dans un grand quotidien allemand.

Était également présent Dominik Tarczynsk, actuellement député du parti politique au pouvoir, le Droit et la Justice en Pologne. Ce parti est violemment anti-immigrant, nationaliste, islamophobe, socialement réactionnaire et autoritaire.

Était également présent Dominik Tarczynsk, actuellement député du parti politique au pouvoir, le Droit et la Justice en Pologne. Ce parti est violemment anti-immigrant, nationaliste, islamophobe, socialement réactionnaire et autoritaire.

Dominik Tarczyński (parti Droit & Justice) avec Cassandra Fairbanks.

Sous son règne, le plus grand rassemblement d’extrême droite en Europe depuis celui des nazis s’est tenu à Varsovie, où 60 000 personnes ont défilé en novembre 2017 en portant des bannières sur lesquelles on pouvait lire “Pologne pure, Pologne blanche”, “Priez pour l’Holocauste islamique” et “Réfugiés, sortez ! La marche a été saluée par des sections de la

Gouvernement. Le gouvernement polonais met également en place un réseau de forces paramilitaires qui intègre des milices et une idéologie d’extrême droite.

Bannière anti-Islam lors d’une marche d’extrême droite en Pologne en 2017.

Trump s’est exprimé en Pologne en 2017, appelant ouvertement aux sentiments d’extrême droite anti-immigrants. Cela fait partie des plans du gouvernement américain d’utiliser la résurgence du nationalisme polonais pour construire l’Alliance des Trois Mers des pays d’Europe de l’Est d’extrême droite comme un rempart contre l’Allemagne et la Russie.

C’est un exemple de la manière dont la construction du fascisme profite à la classe dirigeante américaine, tant sur le plan intérieur qu’à l’étranger, alors qu’elle se prépare à une guerre mondiale. Auparavant, sous Obama, la classe dirigeante américaine avait constitué des forces fascistes et néonazies en Ukraine pour attaquer les intérêts russes.


Les personnalités d’extrême droite qui ont participé aux vigiles de #Unity4J ont cyniquement adapté leur message pour y inclure des positions progressistes.

Tout d’abord, ils ont évité de débiter le genre de rhétorique fasciste ouverte qu’ils utilisent lorsqu’ils s’adressent à la foule de MAGA directement par le biais de leurs autres plateformes médiatiques.

Deuxièmement, ils ont joué sur le croisement qui existe entre les partisans enragés de Trump et de nombreux libéraux sous la forme d’un sentiment virulent anti-démocrate et anti-Clinton. Les démocrates – devraient bien sûr – être condamnés pour leur persécution d’Assange, leur bellicisme sanglant et leur corruption.

L’extrême-droite ne fait cependant de telles critiques que pour détourner l’attention des crimes actuels commis par Trump, dont la persécution d’Assange. Une focalisation presque exclusive sur les crimes des démocrates établit un programme pro-Trump par l’acte d’omission.

Troisièmement, les figures d’extrême droite utilisent le récit du “peuple contre l’État profond”. Les services de renseignement des États-Unis et d’autres puissances impérialistes méritent toutes les condamnations possibles pour leurs meurtres, leur surveillance, leurs mensonges, leur oppression et leur bellicisme.

Dans les mains de l’extrême-droite, ce récit est cyniquement utilisé pour faire de Trump une “victime” du même peuple qui persécute Assange. Trump est transformé de l’oppresseur d’Assange en une autre victime !

Enfin, l’extrême droite pointe du doigt les mensonges perpétrés par la presse grand public sur Assange. La presse grand public a perdu à juste titre sa crédibilité auprès de certaines parties de la classe ouvrière pour avoir régurgité servilement des mensonges de la classe dirigeante. Cependant, une telle condamnation de l’extrême droite ne sert qu’à renforcer le récit de Trump selon lequel la presse est en réalité “l’ennemi du peuple”. En fin de compte, ces critiques de la presse par l’extrême-droite seront utilisées pour justifier la répression de la liberté d’expression et de parole de l’ensemble de la classe ouvrière.

L’extrême-droite au sein des vigiles de #Unity4J a infiltré la campagne de défense de Julian Assange en manipulant cyniquement la colère légitime contre la presse grand public, les services de renseignements et les démocrates. Ils tentent de subvertir cette colère et de la diriger derrière l’atout également réactionnaire de la classe dirigeante. Ils s’efforcent également de détourner cette colère légitime de sa véritable source, la classe dirigeante capitaliste.

Il est extrêmement déroutant que des personnalités comme Lee Stranahan soient mises sur un pied d’égalité avec Chris Hedges et Daniel Ellsberg au sein de #Unity4J. La classe ouvrière ne peut pas lutter efficacement contre les fascistes si ces loups sont autorisés à se déguiser en moutons pour défendre Assange et “combattre l’establishment” – en se cachant parmi de vraies voix progressistes.


Joseph Goebbels (ministre de la propagande nazie)

Il convient de rappeler que les nazis se sont présentés comme des figures “anti-establishment”, luttant au nom de l’Allemagne ordinaire – non seulement contre la menace de la révolution bolchevique, mais aussi contre la menace des élites cosmopolites ou mondialistes sous la forme des Juifs. À cette fin, ils se sont fait passer pour des “anticapitalistes”. En 1925, Joseph Goebbels, qui est devenu plus tard le ministre de la propagande nazie, a lancé un appel en faveur d’une lutte “unie” contre le capitalisme :

Le capitalisme est la distribution immorale du capital… L’Allemagne deviendra libre au moment où les trente millions de la gauche et les trente millions de la droite feront cause commune. Un seul mouvement est capable de le faire : Le national-socialisme, incarné par un seul Führer – Adolf Hitler.

Le fascisme se nourrit du trope “étranger”. Donald Trump est un milliardaire de la propriété, politiquement lié, mais sa campagne a été qualifiée d'”outsider” qui vient “drainer le marais” de Washington et mettre fin à la prétendue exploitation des États-Unis par d’autres pays. Trump lui-même s’est insurgé contre les “mondialistes” qui conspirent contre les États-Unis.

Unity4J fasciste, Cassandra Fairbanks a déclaré au magazine Cosmopolitan en 2017

Soutenir Trump est assez rebelle. On reçoit de la haine de la droite et de la gauche”, dit-elle. “Toute sa présidence est un peu comme une rébellion contre l’establishment, ou les néo-conservateurs, et juste D.C. en général, la façon dont les choses se passaient. C’est assez punk rock.

La “rébellion” contre “D.C. en général” se révèle être une imposture lorsque Fairbanks tweet l’influence et les connexions de la droite à D.C. en justifiant son rôle et celui d’autres figures de la MAGA dans #Unity4J (voir image de droite).

Stranahan, Fairbanks, Posobiec, Goodman et Cameron cherchent également à exploiter la campagne Defend Assange pour renforcer leurs fausses références “anti-establishment”. À un niveau plus profond, ils cherchent à se prélasser dans la gloire de Julian Assange lui-même, une véritable figure anti-establishment qui a tout risqué dans une véritable lutte contre le pouvoir impérialiste.

Ces personnalités et le mouvement MAGA qu’elles soutiennent ne sont en aucun cas anti-establishment. Ils sont soutenus par des sections puissantes de la classe dirigeante, y compris les milliardaires et millionnaires d’entreprise qui ont financé les carrières de Stranahan, Fairbanks, Posobiec et Cameron. Des personnalités d’extrême droite dominent actuellement la Maison Blanche par l’intermédiaire de la présidence Trump – notamment le fasciste Stephen Miller, conseiller politique principal, et une coterie de généraux et de milliardaires à l’esprit fasciste dans le cabinet de Trump.

Alors qu’une faction de l'”État profond” s’oppose clairement à Trump, d’autres sections de la CIA, du FBI et de la NSA reconnaissent un ami qui leur jette de l’argent et installe un tortionnaire comme Gina Haspel au poste de chef de la CIA. Pour voir que l’État facilite activement l’extrême droite aux États-Unis, il suffit de regarder le traitement de tapis rouge réservé aux fascistes qui ont récemment manifesté à Washington D.C.

Au niveau international, les “États profonds” contribuent également à répandre les tentacules du fascisme. On sait qu’il existe une collusion entre les services de sécurité en Allemagne et l’AdF fasciste. Stephen Bannon, comme d’autres personnalités d’extrême droite, a des liens avec le complexe militaire/du renseignement sous la forme de son service passé. Il est difficile de croire que le travail actuel de Bannon avec l’extrême-droite dans des pays comme le Brésil se fait à l’insu et sans la collaboration de sections des services de renseignements américains.

Ces faux fascistes “anti-establishment” dans #Unity4J sont en fait liés à la classe dirigeante par mille fils.


Il ne fait aucun doute que le monde vacille au bord d’une autre guerre mondiale, qui entraînerait un holocauste nucléaire. Les États-Unis sont déterminés à compenser la baisse de leur puissance économique par la projection d’une puissance militaire nue. Les pays qui doivent être subjugués en premier sont les États dotés de l’arme nucléaire, la Chine et la Russie.

La Chine est encerclée militairement et frappée par les mesures de guerre commerciale des États-Unis, les forces de l’OTAN s’amassent aux frontières de la Russie, et les forces américaines et russes s’affrontent dans la poudrière de la Syrie. Les États-Unis ont déchiré le traité nucléaire sur les FNI. Les factions démocrates et républicaines de la classe dirigeante américaine sont toutes deux engagées dans cette politique impériale meurtrière – bien qu’elles ne soient pas d’accord sur la stratégie exacte.

Ce n’est pas une hyperbole ! L’Empire américain possède des bases militaires dans la plupart des pays du monde, est le seul État-nation à utiliser des armes nucléaires de manière agressive et a tué des millions de personnes lors d’interventions militaires et politiques depuis la Seconde Guerre mondiale.

La jeunesse et la classe ouvrière répondront inévitablement à toute conflagration mondiale par un puissant mouvement international anti-guerre. Cependant, les graines de #Unity4J contiennent le potentiel d’un piège mortel pour la classe ouvrière.

Les fascistes de la veillée #Unity4J du 6 octobre ont clairement indiqué qu’ils préparaient un tel piège. Lee Stranahan et Cassandra Fairbanks ont fait valoir plusieurs points en soutenant que #Unity4J pose les bases d’un futur mouvement anti-guerre subordonné à la politique nocive de l’extrême droite et des forces de classe qu’elle représente.

Il va sans dire que quiconque soutient le régime des faucons de guerre vicieux de Trump, qui fait actuellement la guerre, menace d’anéantir des pays entiers et a considérablement augmenté le budget du Pentagone – n’est pas vraiment anti-guerre !

Ce développement ne fait qu’accroître l’urgence d’exposer ces forces au sein de la campagne Defend Assange. La classe ouvrière internationale et les socialistes révolutionnaires doivent saisir toutes les occasions d’exposer et de vaincre les fascistes avant qu’ils ne puissent polluer le mouvement anti-guerre.


Le fascisme n’est pas encore un mouvement de masse aux États-Unis ou en Europe. Il n’est pas non plus la force dominante de la campagne de Julian Assange. Cependant, il n’y a pas lieu de se reposer sur ses lauriers. Les pressions de classe générées par la crise du capitalisme font que l’équilibre des forces peut changer très rapidement.

Le fascisme en tant que mouvement anticlasse ouvrière ne gagnera jamais le soutien de la majorité. Cependant, il doit seulement être suffisamment important et bien armé – pour pouvoir s’emparer du pouvoir en collaboration avec la classe dirigeante. C’est pourquoi le fascisme doit être combattu et vaincu avant qu’il ne puisse s’emparer pleinement du pouvoir.

Seul un mouvement international de la jeunesse et de la classe ouvrière, qui se bat de manière indépendante et en opposition à toutes les factions de la classe dirigeante, peut générer la force politique nécessaire pour libérer Julian Assange. C’est aussi la seule force sociale qui peut défendre les principes démocratiques et lutter contre la censure et la guerre.

Un tel mouvement ne se construira pas sur la croupe des électeurs désorientés, petits bourgeois, Trump, mais en faisant appel aux éléments les plus progressistes de la jeunesse et de la classe ouvrière internationale. L’inclusion importante de personnalités d’extrême droite dans les vigiles de #Unity4J retarde ce processus.

Classconscious tend la main à ces couches progressistes par le biais de son site web, des groupes de campagne sur Facebook et en aidant à coordonner les protestations mondiales pour défendre Julian Assange. Nous avons aidé à organiser des manifestations mondiales coordonnées en juin et en août, et nous en prévoyons d’autres le 4 novembre. Nous coordonnons des manifestations mondiales si Julian est expulsé de l’ambassade équatorienne de Londres.

Nous sommes sincèrement convaincus que la publication d’articles qui délimitent les forces de classe impliquées dans la campagne et l’organisation de manifestations mondiales sont deux éléments essentiels de nos efforts pour libérer Julian Assange.


En 1931, Trotsky lança un appel urgent pour un front uni des travailleurs allemands contre la menace du fascisme.

Travailleurs-communistes, vous êtes des centaines de milliers, des millions ; vous ne pouvez partir nulle part, il n’y a pas assez de passeports pour vous. Si le fascisme venait à prendre le pouvoir, il passerait par-dessus vos crânes et vos épines comme un char d’assaut formidable. Votre salut réside dans une lutte sans merci. Et seule une unité de combat avec les travailleurs sociaux-démocrates peut vous apporter la victoire. Hâtez-vous, communistes-travailleurs, il vous reste très peu de temps !

Les paroles de Trotsky se sont tragiquement réalisées lorsque les nazis ont contribué à transformer l’Europe en un charnier. Le mouvement fasciste d’aujourd’hui est tout aussi dangereux. En effet, armé d’armes nucléaires, de surveillance de masse et d’autres technologies modernes, les horreurs du XXe siècle pourraient être largement dépassées. Avant même la consolidation du fascisme, nous assistons à la réapparition des camps de concentration pour les immigrés, des lois de type Nuremberg contre les musulmans, des bandes fascistes s’organisant violemment dans les rues et à la mise en place d’États policiers par les gouvernements capitalistes du monde entier.

250 000 personnes marchent contre l’extrême droite à Berlin, en octobre 2018.

Nous ne disons pas cela par défaitisme ou démoralisation, mais comme un appel aux armes lancé à la classe ouvrière et à la jeunesse – pour tenir compte des leçons de l’histoire et utiliser tout son pouvoir pour empêcher le fascisme de consolider davantage son pouvoir.

La classe ouvrière internationale se chiffre maintenant en milliards et est liée par les technologies de communication modernes, notamment l’internet. La classe ouvrière et la jeunesse sont les seules classes sociales qui ont le pouvoir de vaincre le fascisme, d’arrêter la guerre mondiale et d’éviter que la classe dirigeante ne plonge le monde dans un cauchemar barbare.

Si Julian Assange nous a montré quelque chose, c’est que, armés de la vérité, nous avons le pouvoir !

C’est une vérité importante que d’exposer les fascistes qui tentent de subvertir la campagne de défense d’Assange par leur participation à #Unity4J. Nous devons les appeler par leur vrai nom et ensuite avancer ensemble pour construire le mouvement de la jeunesse et de la classe ouvrière internationale nécessaire pour libérer Julian Assange et protéger toutes nos libertés !

Je vais vous dire, fascistes
Vous pourriez être surpris
Les gens dans ce monde
Vous allez forcément perdre
Vous, les fascistes, vous êtes condamnés à perdre”.

Woodie Guthrie

A very short guide to class

There is a lot of confusion about the basic concepts of socialism. This glossary is designed as a very basic “starter” to for those interested in understanding concepts of class.

It is important to note that class in Marxist terms describes someone’s relationship to the “means of production” eg do they make their money from owning things or from having to earn a wage. It is of course doesn’t tell us everything about who a person is. For example, some wealthy people are progressive and some poor people are conservative.

There are other differences between people in terms of culture, gender and other forms of social identity. Marxism does not seek to make these differences disappear or deny their importance. Marxists seek to explain that the fundamental division in society is between classes, and that class division and conflict is what ultimately drives politics, economics and history.

Working Class

 In Marxist terms, the working class is everyone who has to survive by earning a wage eg by selling their labor. This is the vast majority of humanity who all share the same social interests of wanting access to good working conditions, healthcare, education and a clean environment. Marxists also call the working class the proletariat.  

The working class is not just “blue collar” or industrial workers but teachers, nurses, retail workers, people in the service industry etc but everyone who survives by earning a wage.

The working class however  is not uniform in terms of its wealth. What is commonly called the “middle class” is really just a layer of the working class that is more comfortable financially.

Why do Marxists focus on the working class?

This is because the working class is the only international class, with shares social interests which is large enough and organised enough to overthrow capitalism, the system that exploits it. The working class now numbers in the billions and as Marx stated capitalism creates “its own gravediggers”.

Ruling Class 

The ruling class, or capitalist class, is the small percentage of society that makes their money not through earning a wage but from the profits from what they own eg their investments.. They own the “means of production” eg all the factories, banks, companies etc by which things are produced. Each country has its own ruling class which compete with each other. In Marxist theory the ruling class is also called the Bourgeoisie.

How do capitalists make money?

Bill Gates – richest man in the world. Net worth $105 billion

The ultimate source of their wealth or profit is the work done by the working class. Workers sell their labor to capitalists in order to produce commodities eg things or services. Capitalists exploit workers’ labor by paying them less in wages than the value they produce. Marxists call this difference between what a worker is paid and the wealth they produce – surplus value. Surplus value is the source of capitalist profit.. The capitalists take the profits and use them to accumulate more money for themselves. All the wealth of the rich is ultimately therefore produced by the working class.

Other classes 

Of course not everyone fits into the working class or the ruling/capitalist class. Intermediate classes exist between the working class and the bourgeoisie.All of these other classes, however, like the working class are exploited by the ruling class for profit.

Peasants – In many parts of the world many people still life on the land as poor farmers 

Farmers in Bolivia

Underclass – Some people live largely outside the formal economy and are so poor they are not part of the working class. This could also include people who subsist on welfare.

Petty bourgeois:
Small business owners are categorised as “petty bourgeois” as they are not waged workers, but neither are they part of the ruling class as they are not economically powerful and only own a small amount of capital.

The upper middle class is also classified by Marxists as petty-bourgeois. Although they earn a wage or salary, they are so privileged that as whole they see their interests as more aligned with the ruling class than the mass of the working class. This would include managers, union bureaucrats, well paid professionals etc

What is capitalism?

Capitalism is the current global economic system that dominates the globe. It is a system where the “means of production” is owned privately by individuals, the ruling or capitalist class. The aim of the production is to maximize profit or capital for the ruling class. Under capitalism, the world is divided up into competing nation states, each with its own ruling class.

What is socialism?

Socialism is a system where the “means of production” are owned and run for the benefit of all. All of the wealth and the productive capacities of humanity are organised for the common good not private profit. True socialism must be implemented internationally, not just in one country. You cannot have isolated socialist countries existing inside a global capitalist system. Although the task of overthrowing capitalism falls to the working class, the aim of socialism is not to replace domination of one class with another to work towards a society where class is abolished. Just as capitalism did not establish itself over night, nor will socialism. It will be the work of an historic period. However, it is becoming clearly by the day that humanity and the planet cannot survive unless we put an end to the profit system.

M.I.A. shows how it done – you can fight for Assange and reject Breitbart and fascism!

by Davey Heller, 20th January 2020

The fight to defend Assange is inseparable from the fight against fascism, war & dictatorship; therefore forces such as Breitbart, Trump and the fascist section of the ruling class that back them must be treated as hostile political entities. The campaign to defend Assange must be truly progressive and working class orientenated. A revealing episode occurred on January 13th outside London’s Westminster Magistrates Court when Breitbart News attended to interview protestors. It was extremely significant and healthy that singer M.I.A refused to speak to Breitbart, showing principled political leadership. Her actions spoke for the elements of this campaign that understand that fighting for Assange does not mean you have to compromise your principles. Her actions shames those that did speak to Breitbart which included “Wikileaks Ambassador” Joseph Farrell and John Rees head of the official Wikileaks PR/ advocacy campaign “Dont Extradite Assange.”

M.I.A. talking to protestors outside court on January 13th

The interviews done outside the court were published on January 15th in Breitbart news in the article: “Exclusive Video: Interviews with Protestors at Julian Assange Hearing”. The article was widely shared on social media by campaigners following the lead set by Emmy Butlin (@greekemmy) who runs the London based Julian Assange Defence Committee who tweeted the article and linked to it in the WISEUP action wrap of the day.

That Breitbart is a racist publication that is committed to developing a basis for fascism is beyond dispute. It grew into the fascist media powerhouse it is today under the leadership of Stephon Bannon, who is 2016 declared it the “platform of the alt-right”. Bannon went on to be Chief Strategist in the Trump Whitehouse. Bannon secured funding for Breitbart from the far-right hedgefund billionaire Robert Mercer. It is rightfully infamous for its incessant anti-immigrant, racist, anti-socialist “news”. One relevant example is that the author of the January 15th interview article was Kurt Zindulaka. A recent piece by Kurt Zindulaka  in his role Breitbart’s London correspondent followed a typical Breitbart trope of highlighting violent and sexual crimes by migrants, in this case, a case of serial rapist. Zindulaka on Jan 7th retweeted the right US bigot Anne Coulter who tweeted his article accompanied with the text “Immigrants bring DIVERSITY (of rapes):”

This is not the first time that senior figures associated with Wikileaks and the Courage Foundation have allowed far right figures to bolster their phoney “anti-establishment” credentials and try to co-opt Assange to their “drain the swamp” MAGA fascist narrative. The presence of figures such Fairbanks, Prosobiec and Stranahan on the now thankfully defunct “Unity4J” vigils was another example. In 2018 repeatedly exposed these forces in Unity4J. 

How is one to explain the promotion of such forces within a campaign for democratic rights in the defence of Wikileaks and Assange? The political mission of Wikileaks and Julian Assange in their goal of revealing the criminal secrets of the ruling class is by its very nature a revolutionary one. We have seen this time and time again in terms of the anti-war and working class struggles unleashed by their publications, not least helping to spark the Arab Spring in 2011 and sustain and fuel anti-Iraq war sentiment around the world. This is why US imperialism and its allies have worked relentlessly to silence and break Assange and Manning and destroy Wikileaks. 

French-north Africans celebrating the fall of Ben Ali in Marseille, France, January 15th 2011. (Image Flickr/marcovdz)

However there is a contradiction present in that the individuals involved or surrounding Wikileaks are not all revolutionaries in their class politics. In fact many of them come from a layer of progressive but privileged upper middle class layers (petty bourgeois). Their perspective is not orientated to the working class as only social force internationally that stop the drive of the ruling class towards dictatorship, war, inequality and environmental collapse. Instead they are still invested in the capitalist system and its capacity of the ruling class to be reformed. 

This has led these figures down the political dead end of believing that Julian Assange, now that he is the cross hairs of US Imperialism, can only be saved by appealing and maneuvering between one or another faction of the ruling class. Before Julian was trapped in the Ecuadorian Embassy in 2010-2011, Julian was the darling of the social democratic and “liberal” petty-bourgeoisie wing of the ruling class in London. This unreliable milieu turned on Assange after the rape investigation in Sweden was weaponized against Assange to destroy his reputation and try to entrap him in an extradition process to the US. In the US the Democrats have been implacably hostile to Assange since 2011. Their hostility to Wikileaks cut across their absolute commitment to the US Imperialist war which seamlessly morphed into their more recent “Russiagate” narrative. 

When Wikileaks published emails in 2016 which revealed corruption within the DNC Primaries and highlighted the pro-business and pro-war character of the Clinton campaign the far right in the US, including Trump adopted the “I Love Wikileaks” mantra. This was cynically exploited by forces such as Breitbart and the alt-right who were working with intelligence forces such as Erik Prince to use the Wikileaks revelations  to add to the fuel of their fascist narrative that Trump was going to “drain the swamp” of corruption in Washington and lock up Hillary and all the other “enemies of the people”.

Abandoned by the liberal progressives, in desperation petty bourgeois forces around Wikileaks started hoping that the far-right wing of the ruling class coalescing around Trump could be used as a counter-balance to the anti-Assange Clinton/Democrats. Even after Trump was elected we saw in the form of Unity4J, the deluded hope that MAGA figures such as Fairbanks could be used to exert pressure on the Trump Administration to drop the then secret charges against Assange. Of course of all this came crashing down in April 2018 when Assange was illegally arrested at the Ecuadorian Embassy and the seventeen Espionage charges were revealed. Trump, despite “I love Wikileaks” rhetoric,had in truth never abandoned his 2010 position that Wikileaks and Manning were spies and should be executed.  Unsurprisingly, Unity4J and its “Unite with the far right” message had  crumbled by June 2019 and its poster child Fairbanks and her alt-right cadre quietly slunk away into the Twitterverse distance.

Meanwhile over the last two years, support for Assange has gradually been building in the working class. After a long lull in large scale organising for Assange since 2011, protests started spreading around the world as alarm spread about the Moreno Ecuadorian’ government’s move to try and force Julian out of the Embassy. Millions were shocked by the illegal termination of Assange’s asylum and his snatching by UK police out of the Embassy. Support has only continued to grow due to the Espionage charges being revealled, the collapse of the bogus Swedish investigation and alarm at his ongoing torture in the maximum security Belmarsh prison.

Free Assange committees or groups now exist in many countries around the world and are actively organising regular protests. Whilst they are not yet manifesting as mass mobilisations they reflect the deep and widespread support for Assange in the global working class. Petitions in support of Assange in Australia and Germany have received hundreds of thousands of signatures. Some campaigning social media accounts have extremely large follower bases such as the Free Julian Assange FB page with over one hundred and twenty thousand “likes”. Yellow vests supporters in France are taking their spirit of working class resistance from France to London. A contingent will return to London on January 25th for the third time to protest at very walls of Belmarsh.

French yellow vests protesting for Assange in Paris in 2019

As a reflection and consequence of this rise in active support for Julian in the working class, there has been a welcome rise in support for Assange from sections of the social democratic and progressive petty-bourgeois wing of the ruling class, that had largely abandoned him. This has manifested in statements of support by some Labor politicians in Australia and social democratic forces such as the PT in Brazil, President Obrador in Mexico. In the UK we have seen figures such as John Rees himself, a self-described “socialist” who writes for Counterfire and is aligned with the Labor Party, take over the PR campaign. He has worked with figures such as Tariq Ali, Pilger, Chris Williamson and most recently Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell to unite the “left”  or Corbyn wing of the Labor Party around Assange, although Corbyn remains stubbornly loyal to the intelligence services by staying silent on the issue. These social democratic forces are not only responding to the rise in working class support for Assange but also seeking to use the campaign for their own political ends. For example supporting Assange is a way for these forces to distinguish themselves from other sections of the ruling class who are one hundred percent committed to supporting the foreign policies of Trump.

The appointment of Rees in the build up to the 2019 UK election to head up PR/advocacy for the Assange campaign is the latest effort to appeal to yet another faction of the ruling class, after the collapse with the failed, opportunistic and unprincipled “unite with the right” strategy.


This brings us back to the terrible decision by Rees and Farrell to give an interview to Breitbart. Not only was it totally unprincipled to give any cover to an outlet that supports the Trump agenda of war, racism, concentration camps and a shredding of constitutional rule in the US, including the First Amendment, it was a vestige of the earlier failed appeal to the right strategy.  The other last flicker of this delusional strategy was the US meeting between Assange’s lawyer Gareth Pierce and the Trump supporting Senator Rand Paul on a visit to Washington last November. This was always a counterproductive political strategy on every level but in the current context of a rise in progressive working class support for Assange and the context of the Trump regimes unshakable commitment to destroying Assange, it borders on political madness.

 On a deeper level it reveals why social democratic forces, who think they can outsmart or “use” the forces of fascism and who ultimately fear the working class more than do the far right can never be trusted to lead the fight against fascism. This is why Corbyn was so ineffective in the fight against Johnson. This is why forces such as George Galloway in the UK failed to take a principled stance over Brexit and promoted a “left right left right marching together” alliance with Nigel Farrage. This is why the Democrats refuse to call out the working class against Trump. As the forces of  fascism once again threatens to unleash its full horrors on the international working class a political line must be drawn in the sand, no alliance or truck can be given to the far right by progressive forces. There is no half measures in the fight against fascism and campaigning to free Assange does not give anyone a “free pass” to forget this political lesson. 

This also brings us back to the principled stance taken by M.I.A outside the court. It is worth quoting  the simple statement of Breitbart, referring M.I.A. full name of Mathangi Arulpragasam, they stated “Arulpragasam refused to comment to Breitbart London.”. M.I.A, just as has argued since mid-2018, refuses to find any common ground with a reactionary and fascist outlet like Breitbart that has the audacity to pretend that you can whip up fascism and support democratic rights!

It should be noted that all the self-styled leftists and progressives who have rejected actively supporting Assange on the basis that his campaign either through the Wikileak releases of 2016 or by allowing the alt-right to infiltrate the campaign are also totally wrong. This is a puerile and ultra-leftist position. The persecution of Assange was animated by the ruling class’s recognition of the revolutionary potential of Wikileaks mission, giving information to the working class about its crimes. Assange is being charged with spying for informing the global working class specifically of US war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan and the skulduggery of the State Department. Failing to actively support Assange and Manning only  plays into the hands of US imperialism’s efforts to shut down free speech and journalism not just in the US but globally. 

It was always possible to be a part of the campaign to defend Assange and to fight fascism. In fact this has been the correct path since the beginning. M.I.A showed this on January 15th. It is a time for the message to sink into the skulls of the likes of Farrell, Rees and Butlin. Meanwhile the real struggle to build a working class orientated international campaign to Free Julian Assange continues. This fight is unlikely to be resolved by the February extradition hearing for Assange in London. It must be continued as part of the broader efforts to build a united working class struggle against war and dictatorship and all factions of the capitalist ruling class. 

A very short guide to class

This article uses Marxist concepts of class. There is a lot of confusion about these terms so here is a short guide to class!

It is important to note that class in Marxist terms describes someone’s relationship to the “means of production” eg do they make their money from owning things or from having to earn a wage. It isof course doesn’t tell us everything about who a person is. For example, some wealthy people are progressive and some poor people are conservative.

There are other differences between people in terms of culture, gender and other forms of social identity. Marxism does not seek to make these differences disappear or deny their importance. Marxists seek to explain that the fundamental division in society is between classes, and that class division and conflict is what ultimately drives politics, economics and history.

Working Class – in Marxist terms, the working class is everyone who has to survive by earning a wage eg by selling their labor. This is the vast majority of humanity who all share the same social interests of wanting access to good working conditions, healthcare, education and a clean environment. Marxists also call the working class the proletariat.  

The working class is not just “blue collar” or industrial workers but teachers, nurses, retail workers, people in the service industry etc but everyone who survives by earning a wage.

The working class however  is not uniform in terms of its wealth. What is commonly called the “middle class” is really just a layer of the working class that is more comfortable financially.

Ruling Class – the ruling class, or capitalist class, is the small percentage of society that makes their money not through earning a wage but from the profits from what they own eg their investments.. They own the “means of production” eg all the factories, banks, companies etc by which things are produced. Each country has its own ruling class which compete with each other. In Marxist theory the ruling class is also called the Bourgeoisie.

How do capitalists make money? The ultimate source of their wealth or profit is the work done by the working class. Workers sell their labor to capitalists in order to produce commodities eg things or services. Capitalists exploit workers’ labor by paying them less in wages than the value they produce. Marxists call this difference between what a worker is paid and the wealth they produce – surplus value. Surplus value is the source of capitalist profit.. The capitalists take the profits and use them to accumulate more money for themselves. All the wealth of the rich is ultimately therefore produced by the working class.

Other classes 

Of course not everyone fits into the working class or the ruling/capitalist class. Intermediate classes exist between the working class and the bourgeoisie.All of these other classes, however, like the working class are exploited by the ruling class for profit.

Peasants – In many parts of the world many people still life on the land as poor farmers 

Underclass – Some people live largely outside the formal economy and are so poor they are not part of the working class. This could also include people who subsist on welfare.

Petty bourgeois:
Small business owners are categorised as “petty bourgeois” as they are not waged workers, but neither are they part of the ruling class as they are not economically powerful and only own a small amount of capital.

The upper middle class is also classified by Marxists as petty-bourgeois. Although they earn a wage or salary, they are so privileged that as whole they see their interests as more aligned with the ruling class than the mass of the working class. This would include managers, union bureaucrats, well paid professionals etc