Author: Robert Montgomery

Originally from Boston, he has been active in antiwar and labour struggles for almost fifty years. He has functioned as an independent Trotskyist since leaving the SWP (US) in the 1970s. A historian he has published numerous articles on US labor history. A union activist he has served on numerous action committees and was local president of a municipal library union. He is a retired medical radiographer.

Setting the Record straight: Ukraine, Russia and imperialism

by Robert Montgomery and Davey Heller, 9th March 2022 Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the ongoing war has evoked feelings of shock, incredulity and powerlessness. These sentiments fuel confusion, disorientation and panic which can lead to demoralization and despair.  As the media rains down an incessant barrage of anti-Russian atrocity stories, many politically naive people […]

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Marx’s Theory of Crisis and the Current Economic Crash

by Robert Montgomery 14th July 2020 “Why is the world financial system in crisis? First in 2008 and now in 2020 we have seen the world plunge into the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression with incalculable economic and political consequences. Marx’s work has a theory of economic crisis that explains why capitalism is […]

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China: Capitalist, Socialist, or “Weird Beast”?

by Robert Montgomery, 7th September 2019. While there is growing interest in socialism today, there’s much confusion about its meaning. Among theoretically informed socialists there’s also confusion.  The word tends to be used impressionistically, a yardstick for classifying states where capitalism has been overturned.  Such states are said to be either socialist or capitalist, either […]

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