Month: May 2023

Stop the Third World War: Statement and Conference

31st May 2023 is proud to sign onto the joint statement below initiated by the Anti-Imperialist Camp and the accompanying call for a European Peace Conference in Rome. To endorse the statement email : The clash between Russia and Ukraine, due to the direct involvement of NATO, threatens to unleash a third world […]

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MAGA Communism and “beyond the left/right spectrum” – how Nationalism Bolshevism has emerged in the US.

By Robert Montgomery The following article is a companion piece to the “Postmodern left, Eurasianism and National-Bolshevism (fascism)” published by Liga Communista in Brazil. It focuses on a form of National Bolshevism which is crystallizing around the terms MAGA Communism and “beyond the Left/Right spectrum” in the US center of world imperialism.  Capitalism and US imperialism in […]

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Statement by Borotba (Struggle), a revolutionary Marxist organization banned in Ukraine since 2014: “May 9 is the Day of Victory over fascism!”

May 9 marks the 78th anniversary of the Day of Victory over Nazi Germany. Almost a century separates us from those events. However, right now we see what a colossal impact they continue to have on the entire world community. World War II didn’t just start. It didn’t come out of nowhere. A tangle of […]

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