Month: February 2023

Endorsements sought for joint statement “Anniversary of the Russian Special Military Operation: A victory for Russia will be a victory for the international working class!”

As we approach the first anniversary of Russia launching its Special Military Operation in Ukraine, Marxists Speak Out is inviting anti-imperialist organisations and individuals to sign onto the joint statement below. We will be publishing the statement on on February 24th but we will also be hoping that those who sign publish the statement in […]

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Class Conscious signs Odessa Solidarity Campaign Statement: “An Anti-Imperialist position on the crisis in Ukraine”.

The Odessa Solidarity Campaign initiated the below statement on the war in Ukraine. Class Conscious has joined anti-imperialist from around the world by endorsing it. We welcome all such efforts that seek to bring together genuine anti-imperialists against NATO’s proxy war on Russia. It can be endorsed by organizations and individuals by sending an email […]

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Joint Statement: Defend Iran! Condemn Zionist Attacks!

5th February 2023 We condemn the 29th Jan attack on drone attack on Iran, aimed at sabotage of a military installation in Isfahan, that was apparently perpetrated by Israel’s Mossad spy and terrorism agency. The Zionist state is a close ally of the US and an imperialist power in its own right. It has a […]

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