Month: November 2022

Celebrating the end of “Trumpism” after the Midterms is a deadly mistake. 

by Davey Heller, 21st November 2022 An edited version of this article was published on Independent Australia The failure of the Republican Party to achieve a “red wave” in the US Midterms has heralded yet another round of “Trump is finished”  pieces in the bourgeois press. It’s true that a few of the candidates backed […]

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Why socialists should support the Will Lehman campaign

by Karin Hilpisch, November 14th 2022 Will Lehman, a rank-and-file member of United Auto Workers (UAW), is running for president of his labour union. His election campaign (which will be referred to as WLC for short hereafter) was launched and is being organized by the International Committee of the Fourth International (ICFI)) whose organ, the […]

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