Month: September 2021

Review: “Removing the Stalin Stain – Marxism and the working class in the 21st Century”

by Davey Heller, 25th September 2021 William Briggs has set himself an ambitious task with his book “Removing the Stalin Stain – Marxism and the working class in the 21st Century”. It is an attempt to explain why socialism has not yet overthrown capitalism, despite it lurching from crisis to crisis including World War, ecocide, […]

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The Myth of “Dan the Man” – Victorian Labor is now every bit as dangerous as the NSW Liberals

by Davey Heller, 16th September 2021 Many Victorians were shocked at the start of September when the Labor State Premier, Dan Andrews, almost overnight dropped the fight to return to Covid Zero. They had come to be reassured that Andrews would be different to the Liberals north of the Murray in Sydney, after all this […]

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A rough guide to capitalism’s crises

by Robert Montgomery 8th September 2021 When I first began studying Marx it seemed self-evident that capitalism suffered from periodic crises of overproduction. Factories choked on back stocks, cars without buyers piled up in lots, workers were laid off, and whole businesses went bust. the slump continued until the glut of goods was sold off […]

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