Month: June 2021

#Blocktheboats – ZIM’s ships and how Australian workers can stand in solidarity with Palestine

by Davey Heller, 20th June 2021 When Israel unleashed its latest murderous  rampage on the Palestinian people trapped within the confines of the Gaza strip in May, a combatant entered the field that shook  both Israel and its Imperialist paymasters in Washington – the working class. A Palestinian General Strike supported by the Palestinian trade […]

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Panel held on the rise of fascism in the US, January 6th and the working class

by Davey Heller, 16th June On 10th June, the United Front Committee for a Labor Party (UFCLP) held an important online event on the “The rise of fascism in the US: January 6th and the working class”.  Whilst attendance was relatively small, the panel took on an important political significance in the context that much […]

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