Month: February 2021

Demand release of Australian political prisoner Chan Han Choi

On February 10th, Chan Han Choi pleaded guilty of two charges related to accusations that he breached sanctions placed on North Korea. There is no suggestion that Chan acted for personal gain but was rather motivated by his political support for the deformed workers state of North Korea. His prosecution by the Australian Government was in support of the real crime, the use of sanctions as act of imperialist war against a small nation.

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Qanon and the Capitol Riots resulted from a lack of Class Consciousness

The vast majority of the tens of millions who support Trump gained nothing from him being in office. Yet people were willing to throw themselves onto a fire and risk everything, because fueled by Q they truly believed that Trump was the anointed saviour of the country and the world. The antidote to Qanon is the very thing that it lacks, class consciousness. Followers of Qanon, and the working class in general, need to be shown that their material conditions and interests are not the same as those claiming to be their champion.

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Riot or Coup? A response to the Bolshevik Tendency.

by Davey Heller, February 4th 2021 Since January 6th, much of the Marxist movement in the US have denied that the events in Washington that day represented an attempted coup and were little more than disorganized rabble rioting. They have also downplayed or denied that Trump, the Republican Party and their ruling class backers represent […]

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