Month: January 2021

Statement of support for San Francisco Workers’ Rally For United Front Against Fascism and Racism and for a General Strike

The following is a statement of support to be read out at the San Francisco Workers Rally to be held on Inauguration Day, January 20th. It is a rally supported on a United Front basis by the United Front for a Mass Labor Party, The Freedom Socialist Party, the Workers World Party and the Communist […]

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Reverse the banning of from the r/Socialism Subreddit!

On November 26th, posted on the Socialism subreddit an article entitled “A further warning to Marxists in regards to Trump’s coup attempt”. A short time later the account was permanently banned by the moderators for breaking their policy on promoting “lesser evilism”. The r/socialism sub-reddit has over 320,000 members and is one of the […]

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“Be there, will be wild”- Trump’s fascist provocation planned for January 6th in Washington

by Davey Heller, January 3rd 2021 January 6th 2021, is shaping up to be a dark day in US history. Since the election of November 3rd, the revolutionary Left with a few commendable exceptions has failed to organise any counter response to Trump’s efforts to overturn the election. However, the forces of fascism have not […]

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