Month: February 2020


Motion moved in defence of Julian Assange at Illawarra Teachers Association Meeting in Wollongong, Australia

The movement of rank and file teachers in Australia organising defence of Julian Assange continued to grow when teacher Pietro Mascetti moved a motion at the Illawarra Teachers Association Meeting on February 24th. The meeting was held in Wollongong, in the region of Illawarra, which is a coastal region to the south of Sydney. The […]

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Workers for Assange: Uniting to fight for Assange’s freedom

The following call out for workers around the world to unite and join a “Workers for Assange” written by Davey Heller was published by Independent Australia on February 21st 2020. Independent Australia have published several articles of Davey’s on Julian Assange and are strong supporters of Assange and the struggle for democratic rights. Read the […]

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“Appeler les choses par leur nom” : Les “démagogues fascistes engagés” qui n’ont pas leur place dans une campagne pour défendre Julian Assange.

par Davey Heller. Il s’agit de la traduction en français d’un article du 20 octobre 2018. La montée du fascisme à l’échelle mondiale, constitue une menace mortelle pour la classe ouvrière internationale. La lutte contre cette menace est indissociable de la campagne plus large contre la tendance à la guerre mondiale et à la censure […]

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A very short guide to class

There is a lot of confusion about the basic concepts of socialism. This glossary is designed as a very basic “starter” to for those interested in understanding concepts of class. It is important to note that class in Marxist terms describes someone’s relationship to the “means of production” eg do they make their money from […]

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