Month: January 2020


M.I.A. shows how it done – you can fight for Assange and reject Breitbart and fascism!

by Davey Heller, 20th January 2020 The fight to defend Assange is inseparable from the fight against fascism, war & dictatorship; therefore forces such as Breitbart, Trump and the fascist section of the ruling class that back them must be treated as hostile political entities. The campaign to defend Assange must be truly progressive and […]

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The war economy

by Pietro Mascetti, 11th January 2020 The American economy is a war economy. The Department of Defense (a misnomer since it is constantly on the offence) spending, is responsible for 3.5% of American Gross Domestic Product (national income). This figure is further emphasised since American GDP is the largest in the world and in fact, […]

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