Month: October 2019


Anthology: Assange’s Letters from Belmarsh

Julian Assange is imprisoned in isolation at the Belmarsh “Supermax” in the UK at the behest of the US. He faces extradition and being sentenced to 175 years in jail or execution for espionage. This is not a legal process but a political show trial which will serve to set a precedent to shut down […]

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To whom should we appeal? Class consciousness and the campaign to stop the climate crisis

By guest contributor Stephen James Kerr, 8th October 2019 The growth of the Extinction Rebellion (XR) movement requires socialist leadership if it is to avoid political shipwreck in the misdirection of millions of students and working people towards an alliance with the ruling class, the principle creators of the climate emergency.   Recent mass demonstrations […]

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Waste, war and capitalism

by guest contributor Pietro Mascetti, 6 October, 2019 Waste, while it has been a product going back to the earliest form of human civilisation, both the quantity and quality of waste today is directly the product of capitalist production and consequently, subject to the demands for profit by capitalist industries. Waste is defined as any […]

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List of active “Free Assange” Organising Committees

“Start a “Free Assange” organising committee in Moscow!”. These were the simple instructions from Julian to a supporter in Moscow. Couldn’t be much clearer, could it? Julian wants people to start “Free Assange” groups in their town or city to organise actions demanding he be freed. The strategy of people organising together in a group […]

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