Month: September 2019

“Pierce the Silence” – call out for Solidarity letter-writing working bees for Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning

“Knowing you are out there fighting for me keeps me alive in this profound isolation” – Letter sent from Julian Assange to a supporter from Belmarsh prison Julian Assange is currently being physically and psychologically tortured by the UK Government by being locked up 23 hours a day in the UK super-max Belmarsh Prison. As […]

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China: Capitalist, Socialist, or “Weird Beast”?

by Robert Montgomery, 7th September 2019. While there is growing interest in socialism today, there’s much confusion about its meaning. Among theoretically informed socialists there’s also confusion.  The word tends to be used impressionistically, a yardstick for classifying states where capitalism has been overturned.  Such states are said to be either socialist or capitalist, either […]

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