Day: August 11, 2019


ScoMo to Bojo – How the US far-right is shaping the world

Above image by Dan Jensen from Independent Australia. An article by Davey Heller, contributor to, was published in the online Australian current affairs publication, “Independent Australia“, on the 8th August 2019. The article was entitled “ScoMo to Bojo – How the US far-right is shaping the world”. It explored how: The ascension of the […]

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“The Sensible Socialist” podcast interview about Julian Assange contributor Davey Heller was interviewed on by Kevin Gustafson, US based podcaster who has produced “The Sensible Socialist” since 2018 on the topic of the campaign to free Julian Assange. The interview covered the Iraq War Logs, Afghan War Diary and State Department files that whistleblower Chelsea Manning provided to Wikileaks and the impact […]

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