Day: June 16, 2019

Protests around the world to coincide with Assange’s court appearance on June 14th

Photo of arrest in Melbourne by Anthony Snowden By Davey Heller, June 17th 2019 put out a call for protests around the world to coincide with Julian Assange’s court appearance. Originally scheduled for June 12th, the hearing was moved to June 14th. Between June 12th and 14th protests occurred in Melbourne, San Francisco, Auckland, […]

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Joanna Mogilevska: speech at Melbourne Free Assange and Manning Rally – 14/6/2019

To coincide with Julian Assange’s latest hearing in court in London, Joanna Mogilevska of takes a stand at the Free Assange and Manning rally at UK Consulate in Melbourne on June 14th 2019. The transcript of her speech can be read below: ‘Truth is ultimately all we have’. These are the words Julian Assange […]

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Class-Classcious writer’s Australian election article’s published in Independent Australia

Davey Heller, contributor to has had two articles published in the progressive news website Independent Australia. The 2019 Election and a history of Australian coups On June 14th, the article “The 2019 Election and a history of Australian coups” was published. It discusses how: “THE GREAT LIE of global politics is that far-right governments […]

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