Month: May 2019

Australian PM refuses to assist orphaned children of foreign fighter currently trapped in Syria.

“The sad case of Khaled Sharrouf’s children, trapped in a refugee camp in Syria in great duress, with no substantial diplomatic and consular assistance is only the latest, yet especially repugnant, episode on the part of the government of the day.”

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Open letter demanding MEAA fight to free Julian Assange presented in Melbourne

By Davey Heller, May 15th 2019 On May 3rd, World Press Freedom Day, campaigners to Free Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning visited the office of the Media union in Melbourne (MEAA) to present a letter signed by respected Australian and international journalists and media workers. The letter demanded that the MEAA do everything in its […]

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Transcipt: Davey Heller’s speech at World Press Freedom Day protest in Melbourne

Below is an edited transcript of the speech given by Davey Heller on May 3rd, World Press Freedom Day, outside the UK Consulate in Melbourne. The protest was part of a global call out of protests to Stand up for Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning and all targetted whistleblowers and journalists. Hello my name is Davey […]

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