Actions for Assange pages spreading across Facebook.

Online infrastructure is being built as part of the call-out for Global Emergency Actions at U.S. Embassies if Assange is evicted. This is taking the form of specific Facebook Action groups for specific regions including: ‘Aus Action 4 Assange!’, ‘Canadian Action 4 Assange!, ‘US Action 4 Assange!’,’German Action 4 Assange!’ and ‘Nepalese 4 Assange” etc..

Just as these protests are being built on the foundations of the global J19 vigils 4 JA (6 years in the Ecuadorean Embassy), the ‘Global Emergency Actions 4 JA If Evicted!’ protests will be the stepping stone to a renewed and reinvigorated global campaign to free Julian Assange. It would be irresponsible to waste the energy and connections built up over the course of this global event which currently spans ten countries and nineteen cities. See full call out and list of cities here.

These ongoing national or regional Facebook Action Groups will help with organising, urgent communications (esp. when JA is evicted), attracting new supporters, promotion of events, creating community and laying the online infrastructure and global grassroots networks for ongoing, global actions to free Julian Assange!

Whilst there is a plethora of Wikileaks and Assange related Facebook pages and groups in existence, these new groups’ focus will be exclusively on the organisation of solidarity actions designed to build an international movement of the youth and working class in defence of Julian Assange. We intend for them to remain focused on action planning.

An overarching Facebook page to promote actions for Assange also exists entitled Free Julian Assange Events.

If you are interested in setting up your own Facebook group or emergency action please contact and we will offer you support in organising and promoting your event. Add your city or region and build the global defence movement that Julian Assange needs as part of the broader struggle to defend democratic rights.


Aus Actions 4 Assange! 
Bulgarian Action 4 Assange!
Canadian Action 4 Assange!
Canberra Action 4 Assange
French Actions 4 Assange!
German Action 4 Assange!
Irish Action 4 Assange!
Nepalese 4 Julian Assange!
Slovenian Action 4 Assange!
Swiss Action 4 Assange!

U.S. Action 4 Assange! 
U.K. Action 4 Assange!
Polish Action 4 Assange!

Brazilian Action 4 Assange!

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