Call out for global emergency actions at U.S. Embassies if Assange is evicted

#BeReady4JA! This website has put the call out for Emergency mobilisations to occur globally outside  U.S. Embassies and Consulates (USA actions will be at US Political Buildings/Offices.), at 6 PM the day following any possible future eviction or other serious action against Assange.

This initial mobilisation would then be followed by the largest possible mass rally at 12pm on the first following Sunday (after any move on JA) also outside the U.S. Embassies, Consulates or Political Building/Offices.

If there are no US Embassies or Consulates in your city you can choose another appropriate venue such as a Federal Senator or Rep, US Federal Buildings some other US government or quasi-official US organisation offices.

We have chosen U.S. political venues for protest because ultimately it is the U.S. Empire that is pursuing Julian Assange for his exposure of their war crimes, surveillance, political corruption and machinations.

The tally of  protests is now fourteen countries and 25 cities Australia (Melbourne, Sydney, Hobart, Adelaide, Brisbane), Brazil (Rio de janeiro), Bulgaria (Sofia), Canada (Montreal,Toronto), France (Paris), Germany (Berlin, Frankfurt), Ireland (Dublin)  Nepal (Kathmandu), New Zealand (Auckland, Wellington), Poland (Warsaw),  Slovenia (Ljubljana), Switzerland (Zurich), Taiwan (Taipei), United States (Los Angeles, Fort Lauderdale, New York, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Francisco).

Contact Class-conscious via our Contact section or send us an email direct at for more information or help organizing your local action including with publicity. All actions will be advertised on this website. See our “Step by Step Guide” for organising your own action at the bottom of this article

If you want to find other people to organise with in your city or country, put a call out on the Free Julian Assange Events Facebook Page, or one of the Action 4 Assange country specific pages listed further down this article.

It is imperative that like the June 19th and August 26th solidarity protests that these emergency actions are coordinated and occur on an international scale. We encourage all global actions to follow the aforementioned Emergency Action schedule to ensure this happens.

We will utilise the people and energy at the initial Emergency Mobilisation the day following (any move on JA) to build and plan for the biggest, possible mass rally outside Global US Embassies/Offices the following Sunday (from any move on JA).

An idea which would be great if it caught on is for people attending Global Emergency Actions around the world to bring whistles! As in Julian Assange is the ultimate whistle-blower and we are blowing the whistle on the US Empire! Noisy and lively protests are good protests!

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We are also more than happy to customise a ‘Global Actions 4 JA’ online Poster for the protest you are organising in your local city.  We will just adapt the location details to cover the address of your local US Embassy/Consulate (or if in the USA: Political Building/Office). The times and days will be the same for all global locations. See all the posters done for cities so far here. Here is link to higher resolution poster pdf files for professional printing: Paper, t-shirts, stickers, etc..

Julian Assange’s total isolation by the Ecuadorian Government, which began on March 28th, now exceeds six months. Whilst the immediate threat of eviction seems to have receded, it is still true to say that he could be evicted at any time. We know high level negotiations have occurred between the British, U.S. and Ecuadorian Government aimed at ending Assange’s asylum and getting him into U.S. custody. The mainstream press is still spreading slanders about Assange and it is now becoming a growing possibility that an attempt will be made to extradite Assange to the U.S. as part of the Mueller investigation.

Whilst we all hope that Julian is able to come home to Australia or another country, safe from extradition, the growing international solidarity movement for Assange must be ready to act if the worst happens and Assange is forced out of the Embassy into police custody.

If this occurs, only a massive mobilisation of the youth and international working-class will generate the political force to prevent him disappearing into an American prison for life or worse. The fight for Julian’s freedom is inseparable from the fight to defend democratic rights and the fight against censorship and against imperialist war.


Aus Actions 4 Assange! 
Brazilian Action 4 Assange!
Bulgarian Actions 4 Assange!
Canberra Action 4 Assange

Canadian Actions 4 Assange!
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Irish Actions 4 Assange!
Nepalese 4 Julian Assange!
New Zealand Actions 4 Assange!
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Slovenian Actions 4 Assange! 
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U.S. Actions 4 Assange!


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Link to posters in high resolution on Facebook
Link to posters as pdf files



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Free Julian Assange! Journalism is not a Crime!
#Revolution4Assange #Workersoftheworldunite


34 thoughts on “Call out for global emergency actions at U.S. Embassies if Assange is evicted

  1. Please do not allow Assange to be extradited to any country that would punish him for his valiant and courageous actions! FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!!

  2. If Justin had any guts he’d welcome Julian to Canada.
    He could sleep on my couch!
    And why the hell isn’t Australia hoping mad that one of their own is being treated this shamefully!

  3. Hello,calling the Australian Government.Is anyone home?
    No problem coming to the aid of drug traffickers in Bali but heaven forbid assisting a journalist being persecuted by our Five Eyes “allies”!

  4. HI, happy to see Paris on the list. Do we have a contact for that ? IS it a TYPO on the Paris poster ? – reads to meet “le jour meme a 18h” which translates as the SAME DAY, not the day following… ??

    1. The contact details for Paris is You can send them a direct message via twitter. Not a mistranslation. The organisers of Paris wished to hold their first action on the same day rather than the next day. Whilst we are encouraging people in each city to follow the same schedule individual oranisers are of course free to alter the schedule as they fit.

      1. Which makes perfect sense, since Paris is only about 2.5 degrees east of GMT (London), and can thus make an instantaneous response, whereas it will likely happen in the middle of the night in, say, Sydney.

  5. Julian equals freedom and freedom of speech, Trump, Turnbull and their cronies equals tyranny! Viva the revolution!!

  6. Will the International Law allow Eucadorian state to renege on its pledge of amnesty granted on Assange ?

  7. This is such an important line in the sand to defend . All our hopes and dreams for our children are indivisibly bound up with the defence and furthering of democracy and human rights , not their being taken away.

    Assange must be defended at all costs !!

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