Parents of Julian Assange endorse global emergency protests at U.S. Embassies

Both of Julian Assange’s parents have endorsed the call out for emergency protests at U.S. Embassies, U.S. Consulates and U.S. Political Offices if Julian Assange is evicted from the London Ecuadorian Embassy. This endorsement follows on from the endorsement for action from numerous prominent independent journalists including John Pilger.

Please contact to have your city or town added to the list of international actions already occurring: in Australia (Melbourne, Sydney), New Zealand (Wellington), the U.S. (Los Angeles) and France (Paris).


“Each generation must shake the tree to dislodge the rotten apples. Now it is your turn. From each generation emerge freedom fighters with the ability & courage to lead you in this fight for freedom. They are always the persecuted. Stand strong young people. . Fight for Julian. Fight for your own freedom.”

You can also follow Christine Assange’s campaign for her son’s freedom on Twitter here.



“Julian’s total isolation from his bereft children, anxious brothers, sister and parents and worried friends had best, for Julian, urgently end. Bring him home.”


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